Rush to book a new PS3 that has reduced its price substantially, out of stock stores are ongoing

Last week at GIGAZINEBesides bending a vibration controller "DUALSHOCK 3", the HDD capacity has become 80 GB which is twice as much as the conventional capacity, and the new PS 3 realizing low power consumption will appear on October 30 thWe told you that at a major electronics mass merchandiser, reservations are rushing and stocks appear to be out of stock.

In addition, there seems to be a home appliance mass merchandising store that increased the number of arrivals due to the large number of reservations.

Details are as follows.
In sofmap's online store ""Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec III"The bundled version is sold out across the board.
Product Listing |

BIC camera's "BIC camera .com" is sold at 49,980 yen "Little Big Planet"Sold out to the enclosed version" Little Big Planet Dream Box "across the board.
Playstation 3 game machine body: BIC camera. Com

Initially"This product is being suspended due to the fact that the next arrival schedule is undecided"Yodobashi camera 'Yodobashi · dot · com' seems to have increased the number of reservations.
Playstation 3 Body: Yodobashi · dot · com

Joshin 's "Joshin web" which became the only Kansai capital electronics mass merchandiser sells a few stocks.
One person per person PLAYSTATION 3 | TV game | Joshin

In contrast to overseas markets that have been ahead of Wii and PS 3 one year ago, Xbox 360, which had been on a downturn in Japan,It got the first weekly sales unit number for the first time after receiving the price reduction of the main unit priceIt is fresh to remember, but with real price cutsSoftware planned to be released this winterBy how much PS3 can grow sales? It is worrisome.

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