British group is developing a car "Bloodhound SSC" that will blast at a supersonic speed over 1600 km / h

BeforeCars that exceeded the speed of sound for the first time in the worldIn the article that says, I introduced a car running the world's highest speed running at 763 miles / hour (Thrust SSC) at a speed of 1,328 km / h (Mach 1.001), but this development team is even faster than the thrust SSC It seems that we are currently developing a car that runs on.

The name of the car under development is "Bloodhound SSC (Bloodhound SSC)" and the speed is expected to reach 1000 miles per hour (1610 km / h: Mach 1.313).

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BBC NEWS | Science & amp; Environment | Supersonic car targets 1,000 mph

The world's first car that broke the speed of sound is a car called "thrust SSC". SSC stands for "SuperSonic Car", which recorded 763 miles per hour (1228 km / h: Mach 1.001) in 1997.

It seems that members of the project which made this thrust SSC are now beginning to produce a new car "Brad Hound SSC" aiming for speed record of the world again. The team is working on concept design for 18 months ago and will challenge the record in 2011.

Thrust SSCF-4 Phantom IITwo of the same engines as were installed, but at Brad Hound SSCEuro Fighter TyphoonWe plan to have the same engine as.

Brad Hound SSC has a total length of 12.8 m and weighs 6.4 tons and can move faster than a bullet is shot from a pistol and can be accelerated from the stationary state to 1050 mph per hour (speed 1690 km: Mach 1.378) in just 40 seconds That's right. The wheels are made of titanium so that they do not splash apart, the car body is made of carbon fiber and titanium, and the air pressure under maximum speed will reach 12 tons per square meter.

Project leader Richard Noble said: "The challenge to speed is one of the most exciting things you can do on this ground, if you have the opportunity to actually challenge with the latest technology, no one challenges I will not be able to stop it. "

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YouTube - Bloodhound 1000 mph rocket car, land speed record attempt

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