"Tonkatsu McBurger" which was made into a regular menu from the limited time period decreased the vegetables and fruit feeling of the sauce

McDonald's launched Pontonakku M burger in May of 2014, and in June it will create new sources in collaboration with consumers and menu developersEveryone's Pork cutlet sauce development project"Launched and repeated tasting to complete the source, from October 29 (Wed) to"Tonkatsu Muck Burger"We adopted the sauce and sauce to make it a regular menu. I was interested in the quality of the sauce that many people involved over a long time and I made, so I went to eat.

Tonkatsu Mackberger | Campaign | McDonald's

Arrived at McDonald's.

Like the previous campaign, appealing new products with a poster based on blue.

Go to the checkout at once.

I found a pork cutlet burger at a conspicuous position. I will order it at once.

Almost no waiting time, I get a pork cutlet M burger. A booklet "McDonald's Safety and Promise of Quality" was handed together.

In July of 2014Report that the expiration of chicken expiredThere seems to be handling such a booklet because consumers' credibility has fallen.

Tonkatsu McBurger has almost the same design as wrappers sold in May.

When opening it, a pork cutlet M burger that features the shape of the buns appears.

Buns used a special Bran Buns with cuts.

Taking the upper buns, cabbage and sauce essential for pork cutlets.

You can see that black sesame and sauce are contained in the sauce.

It seems to be pretty committed to using two types of coarse and detailed in the pork cutlet.

Mustard was also attached under the lower buns.

I will bring it in my hand and eat it.

Tonkatsu crisp · cabbage shakyaki texture · The bread flavor enhances the taste of burger, but the source of the most important thing is that the taste of the fruits and tomatoes faded, it became cheesy taste, the quality It is down. It is no longer a sauce with plenty of natural flavor like before.

The taste of the meat is also solid to a certain extent, the mustard's spicyness also enhances the taste, but the sauce is still unsatisfactory. Although the price of the former pork cutlet Mc Burger was expensive because the sauce costs money, I can not feel the attitude to spend such a cost from the sauce of this time. The previous product was tax-included 399 yen nationwide, but this time at the price setting of 319 yen to 409 yen including tax, the shop in Osaka's medium and small cities is 349 yen including tax. Prices vary depending on the city, but the price of 349 yen including tax was felt high.

In addition, if Tonkatsu Mackberger is lunch time, you can order a set with M size of potatoes and drinks at 550 yen nationwide.

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