A super car "Acabion GTBO" with 300 million yen a day flying at 550 km / h

Dr. Peter Mascus used to be an engineer or consultant at BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and he drove a Ferrari and other super car sports cars and said, "Sports cars are not slow, but they are not fast. I thought that 3000 pounds (about 1.4 tons) of stuff would be needed to carry it, even though it was about 300 pounds (about 136 kg) per person, and I came to seeking an efficient car and reaching the production of this "Acabion GTBO" It is said that.

Body weight is 360 kg, engine isSuzuki · hayabusaIt has 1400 cc, 700 horsepower with turbo that improved on what is equipped.

Details are below.
Acabion Visionary Motion

Motoring.co.za - Acabion - why should not supercars look like this?

Bugatti Veyron takes 25 seconds to accelerate from the speed of 400 km / h to the top speed of 405 km, while the top speed only has a tire of 30 minutes, whereas the Acabion GTBO has the same 25 seconds as Veyron from the speed of 400 km / h at the speed of 547 km / h It is able to accelerate, even if running for 3 hours at 427 km / h, it will not run out of fuel and the tires are likely to have several days.

If it is 100 km / h, it is said to be able to run 2400 km in a 90 liter tank with full lubrication. Two electric motors of 2 kilowatts are installed for low speed and engine malfunction.

In the next 4 years 26 cars will be made and it will be sold at 1.83 million euros (about 300 million yen).

Diagonally from behind.

Looking from the back right it looks like a motorcycle with auxiliary wheels.

Running Acabion

I can not see it very much.

It is very popular among children.

It looks like science fiction movie.

Image running parallel with rail star.

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