A grandfather who had no accident for 76 years, collided with two Porsches, but survived intact

A 93 - year - old grandfather who has lived without accident for seventy - six years has been forced to have damages of about 12 million yen by accident with two Porsches. The car on which my grandfather was riding was a major accident that the heaven and the earth were reversed, but the body is not scratched by scratches, the old man is pleased with his fortune.

Details are as below.BBC NEWS Wales £ 60k Porsche pile-up for Jack, 93

The 93-year-old Ford Fiesta suddenly lost control and crashed into Porsche Carrera 2 which was outside the showroom, then overturned and stopped on the next Porsche 911 and stopped. Mr. Higgs was turned upside down while being fixed to the seatbelt in the car, but escaped from the car by oneself without any extra in life. It seems I do not know why Ford lost control and accident, "It is a miracle that I survived, Mr. Higgs would like to thank Luck for praying that God reached God and helped me."

For Carrera 2, it becomes tattered and a huge repair cost is required.

Both Porsche were owned by individuals and the insurance company estimated the cost of damages for the accident to be £ 60,000 (about 12 million yen). "I am driving a car from the age of 17, but my license has not been deducted and I have never even been kicked off a parking breach," Higgs says, but the car is no longer driving It seems to stop.

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