A metal piece penetrates a car running at high speed, but in the end the driver is safe

It is a photograph that the fragments of metal flew to the car running at high speed, hit the windshield directly and crushed, pierced through the driver 's seat and the back seat as it was and crushed the rear glass.

Despite having just flew with this momentum, the driver did not hit and it was safe.

Details are as follows.
I saw it from the front of the car. You can see that the windshield is broken.

I approached it. The windshield which should be quite durable has severe cracking.

Fortunately, just by scraping the seat in the driver's seat, the driver was safe.

Rear glasses are supposed to be chosen.

This is the metal piece that flew. It is strange that I did not hit the driver.

Was the driver doing well on a daily basis ...?

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