An accident occurred in which the steering wheel came off while driving with Tesla 'Model Y', more than 120,000 Tesla cars were investigated

In the 2023 model '

Model Y ' sold by electric car maker Tesla , an accident occurred in which the steering wheel came off while driving. The US Department of Transportation Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has begun investigating about 120,000 vehicles following the accident.

DOT NHTSA ODI Document - INOA-PE23003-5769
(PDF file)

US investigating Tesla after steering wheels detach from Model Y

On January 24, 2023, an event occurred in which the ``model Y'' suddenly came off while driving on the highway in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Luckily, there were no vehicles behind him, so he escaped a traffic accident.

Mr. Prerak & Neha Patel, who reported the accident, said, ``Isn't it the company's responsibility to repair manufacturing defects? ``We have lost faith in safe driving in Tesla cars,'' he said.

NHTSA is aware of another similar event in which the steering wheel falls off while driving, apart from Mr. Prerak & Neha Patel. NHTSA began a preliminary survey of approximately 120,000 Model Ys on March 4, 2023. Regarding the event of the steering wheel falling off, NHTSA explained, ``The vehicle was delivered to the customer without the bolts that held the steering wheel in place.''

Prerak & Neha Patel reported that a new model Y was presented on February 23, 2023 as a result of interaction with Tesla.

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