A woman who kept sending hundreds of threatening mails to himself was arrested

A 25 - year - old woman was arrested for sending hundreds of threatening emails to herself.

In the first place, why I was sending a threatening email to myself, but it is also very mysterious to be arrested by that. How did it all end up being such a thing?

Details of the incident are as follows.Woman jailed for making threats - to herself | sister, law, manunga - News - The Orange County Register

Jeanne Mundango (25 years old) living in Santa Ana city in Orange County, California, was arrested for sending hundreds of intimidation mails to him and sentenced to 1 year in prison. Although I do not know the reason for this, Mundango responded to contracting a pre-paid cell phone in his name as his sister-in-law from 2008 when he quit his association, starting sending a threatening mail to his mobile phone , That intimidation mail was told to the police that it was "he and his sister-in-law sent it". According to Mundango's endeavors, they were arrested by the police for crimes of intimidation, and they were bailed for thousands of dollars as bail.

This is Jeanne Mundango defendant.

The reason why Mundango's lie caught up is that two people of the victim met a salesperson of a dealer of a prepaid phone, which means that the prepaid phone was found to have been purchased under the name of a fake That's right. However, until that time it was said that an arrest warrant was issued for his third son-in-law as his third total.

Mundango was arrested and ordered to imprisonment for 1 year and suspended execution for 3 years, and to the ex - girl and his sister - in - law at all, and to pay them compensation of 50,000 dollars. The two victims escaped misidentified arrest, but seems to be very worried about being stigmatized by this.

Mundango's plan is obscure and arrested, but as a result it seems that we have to say that we succeeded in defeating the honor of both ... ...

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