Twin sisters who are taking 9 million yen for plastic surgery to always be in the same shape

It seems there are twins that are repeating plastic surgery to maintain exactly the same figure. The cost of surgery is over 9 million yen in total, and it seems that if you include costumes etc, you spend more money. Although it is very similar only by twins, why did they try to be the same figure until plastic surgery?

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The twin sisters who've spent £ 60k on cosmetic surgery to always look the same | Mail Online

Both Joe Barton and Kelly Burton's twins have not only similar faces but also similar chickens, and they have always acted in the same way, such as entering the same ballet school and girl scouts. I gradually disliked Joe and Kelly to be able to distinguish from each other, and it seems that the desire to see it as the exact same person seems to have begun.

Joe and Kelly at the age of 3. There are only twins, and they look alike.

Picture of 4 years old. I adjust the hairstyle and clothes in the same way as when I was 3 years old.

From the appearance of a desire to always be the same, when Joe decides to do nose surgery for the first time at the age of 21, Kelly decided to do plastic surgery in the same way. He repeated plastic surgery to make it impossible to distinguish between the two people and said that a total of 60,000 pounds (about 9 million yen) has an orthopedic surgery cost. Joe and Kelly said that the same doctor was concurrently taking plastic surgery, and according to the doctor in charge, he said he was writing his name on the stomach because the twins can not be distinguished during the operation.

This is Joe and Kelly of now (34 years old). As a result of surgery on various points, the money took is £ 60,000. However, since prices of clothes and accessories are not included, it seems that more money is actually taken.

Joe commented, "I do not know whether or not to do plastic surgery in the future", but if there is a slight difference it may be doing plastic surgery again.

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