Before after we have made a splendid transformation from men to women lots of lots

Many photos of Before after of men who turned into ladies were introduced. Whether you are just a woman or a sex change is not clear, but you can see that everyone has a feminine appearance.

Rather than dramatically transforming, there are many people who made the best use of the taste of the real face, and it is clearly understood that the impression will be quite different if the same face has different gender.

Details are as below. The left is after transformation and right is before transformation. I am transforming from a gentleman to a sexy woman.

Since the original expression is gentle, it has become a women with a soft atmosphere.

Although there is no major change in hair style etc., it is reborn as a woman brilliantly with a makeup, such as arranging eyebrows.

Looking at only the facial expressions, you will see the men's time more calm ... ...

Although the age of the photograph being compared is a little far apart, there is a certain aspect in the eyes.

Macho beautiful young man who became a maid for about 8 yearsA man who boasted of physical beauty as much as a man was in a modest appearance.

Compared with early childhood and adolescence, I understand that it was certainly a man, but I can not imagine solely by looking at a picture that became a woman.

Cool beauty from a masochistic man.

It certainly has transformed your body like a woman, but that smile has not changed at all.

The eyes are intact, a slightly sharp impression. A picture of a woman is a bitMary NatsukiI can also see it.

Although it is a pretty woman, it seems that it is difficult to understand a bit of a difference even when compared with a childhood picture ......

Some thought, leaving behind the rest of childhood.

At first glance it seems that the hair has been conditioned, but if you look closely well, your body and expression and so on are rounded.

People who are still unsatisfactory can see more pictures from here.
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