Even the same person alone with pause and lighting changes the appearance of the picture so much

With the spread of mobile phones and smart phones with cameras, anytime anywhere anyone can easily take pictures. Although I want to take portrait easily for someone because it is awkward, I used four models to let the appearance of the photo change gully only by slightly sticking to posing and lightingBuzzFeedBlueProof.

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It is a professional photographer who is in charge of taking picturesBen CopeMr.

I shoot a subject with various posing and lighting.

I do not process photographs at all and it seems I tried challenging how much you can change the appearance of photos only by posing and lighting.

For example, if you put a shadow on your body with lighting, the impression will change ghostly like this.

I hit the subject with light so that it would not shadow the body, it felt like I felt like this with such feeling.

When you put a shadow like this, you will receive the impression that the whole body has been tightened.

A total of 4 people, two men and two women, took part in the shooting, challenging various poses while being slightly shy.

What kind of pictures are actually being made ...?

First off from a slim female model. It is like this when shooting without any ingenuity.

First, tie your hair ......

And posing. By twisting the body and thinly shading, the abdominal muscles are lifting up more beautifully. It is a stomach around which I could see a little slovenly, but I am surprised that the impression will change so much only by twisting the body a bit.

Subsequently the model that appeared was a chubby body man.

I raised both arms like double biseps like, challenging posing twisted the lower body. By further devising with lighting, we have turned into a sharper image overall. In the case of men, if you take a double biceps pose the biceps biceps will rise so it seems that you can see soft body macho like body looked a bit sloppy.

The third person's model is a chubby-type woman.

By putting a shadow on the arm, you can see the narrow arm that looks much narrower.

And in the end was a solid model of a male model.

Posing first. At this point the muscles of the body have already risen cleanly and it is cooler than when not doing anything.

And shadow the whole body And this way. As the shadow of the large pectoralis muscle, biceps brachii muscle and rectus abdominis muscles, it turned into a more macho look and seems to be a real model.

The participating models also seemed to be surprised and unbelievable like their own change.

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