Exhibits of "Tamiya History Museum" that trembly tremble in Tamiya

The public event that was held the other day "Tamiya · Open House"Tamiya History Museum", which has been attracting a lot of attention due to the exhibition of many Tamiya headquarters materials that can not be usually seen,

Today we are exhibiting plastic models such as tanks and racing cars that became classic with explanations of the era background, "We will make it as soon as the material comes out" "It will be made immediately when it comes to boom" Attitude is thoroughly done It was content that you can understand as getting it.

Details are below.
The road to the historic center where box art is lined up.

It draws in a size which is considerably larger than the actual packaging so as to draw accurately and precisely.

"German Battleship Bismarck" written by Kamiro Ueda.

Momoko Komatsuzaki "German Raid Gun Tank Ron Mell".

It actually looks like a box and it looks like this.

Hideo Mikawa Mr. "Bimothatage 1D906SR".

"US Navy Nuclear Aircraft Carrier CVN - 65 Enterprise" by Yoshinobu Takozo.

Work by Koichi Hirano "American self-propelled gun M42 Duster".

The interior of the historic building where one step illumination was dropped and settled down.

A poster for the sales campaign at the time.

The battle ship and the aircraft carrier diorama at the entrance.

A route is made counterclockwise from the right from the entrance.

Ordinance Part 1 "Military Miniature Series".

Tank models and mini figures, which became the first hit in Tamiya's plastic model, are displayed.

"Panther tank" in 1961. A historical model that tank models were made on 1/35 scale by this model hit.

French archery 105 mm self-propelled gun.

The Soviet KV-I tank.

Also T34 of the Soviet Union. Considering how hard it was to collect the materials in the middle of the Cold War, the fulfillment of the East weapons is amazing.

Not only the precision of the appearance but also the enjoyment to run batteries and motors built in was the reason for popularity.

A card of New Year 's celebration in 1974.

In the 1/35 military miniature series, not only tanks but also such figures have been released, and popular in creating diorama.

A box painting. "88 Mill Gun Team" and "U. S. Combat Crew Set".

Ordnance Part 2 "Radio Control Car Series". We will follow the history of electric RC radio control that pursues pleasure to move.

The display looks something like this.

This is the first electric-powered RC car "Porsche 934 Turbo". The original plastic model isI bought the actual car of the Porsche 911, made it actually differentlyIt was something that felt as thoughtful.

"Tyrell P34" released in 1977.Actual car was active in 1976-77The latest model at that time.

"Lamborghini Countach LP 500 S". At the time of the release it was at the height of the supercar boom, it was a model with a strong current affair.

"1/10 Buggy Champ". It seems that it was a model that became a foothold for hits abroad.

The predecessor of mini 4WD,Comical Mini 4WDBut released RC "1/10 Wild Willis".

Racer Mini 4WD 1st bullet"Hot shot" which was also the base of.

The box picture is like this.

Ordnance Part 3 "Motorcycle & amp; Sports Car". 1/6 motorcycle, 1/12 cars on a fairly large scale and modeled up the latest model of the latest models and topical models at that time.


Utilizing the large scale of 1/6, super precision modeling was done.

"CB 750 racing type" released in 1971. Activities of the actual car are famous for the overall victory at the Daytona 200 mile in 1970.

"Honda Dream CB 750 FOUR" released in 1970. The actual car debuted in 1969 and is also famous for becoming a nicknamed supporter called "Nanahan."

"Honda F-1". Along with the victory of real cars, it became a topic of overseas, a model that appealed Tamiya's technical capabilities.


1/1 scale F1 car. Considering the times, it seems that there was tremendous research power of Tamiya's designers from that time.

Plastic model Car model at the dawn.

It seems that we tried and errored, such as pretty small models and those with simple packaging.

"1/24 Grand Prix series" that I was able to run with a motor.

It was first released in 1982"Mini 4WD" series. The original design was a real line.

The first boom occurred in the 1960'sSlot racer.

A box painting.

Various models were commercialized as slot cars.

It seems that accessories such as courses were also released.

Ordinance Part 4 "Aircraft series".

In 1961, a small model equivalent to 1/250 scale started aircraft models.

At present it was a size like toys.

Zero battle became the first series of 1/50 series.

A box painting. It was motorized like a tank and I was able to rotate the propeller.

"Saiun cloud" which included clear parts for display.

Series of 1/100 mini-jet machines series in 1968. The first part model was revived in 2004Combat plane seriesIt is called.

Italian "Fiat G.91".

The Soviet "Mig 21 fish bed".

Ordinance Part 5 "Wooden model" It is a kit of the early days of Tamiya, such as a wooden ship model which can be said as the roots of the present Tamiya.

Scales are large and small.

Small scale ones. There is one that leads to the current "water line series".

It seems that it was bigger than the mainstream size of the current ship model.

Is it wooden, but the power that does not let it feel is because of this size.

Box picture is also quite retro.

It seems that not only Japan but also warships of each country, passenger ships and so on were manufactured.

Hitoriwa big "Musashi". Is it a donated item, so is the detail made up by the producer?

Type of hull used for manufacturing.

This is a wooden kit of "Flying Dragon" which was exhibited in another room. It seems that wood chips were sold like this and it was quite necessary to process parts.

Wooden models such as cars and trains.

"Kodama number". It seems that it was a system that combines several kits to make one organization.

A car model deformed to be nice.

Various series of kits were also exhibited at the historic center. "Joe 90 series", "SF boat series", etc. It is a rare model in Tamiya with a motif as a thing that does not exist in reality.

It seems that such a figure of historical thing "Chushingura" pretty rare was also released.

It is the same scale as the previous military miniature, so it might be interesting to see them side by side.

Plastic model of Apollo 11 on the moon landing boom which was a big news at the time.

However, it seems that the boom has cooled rapidly and this kit has also been discontinued at the same time.

At the historic center, various dioramas using the Tamiya kit were also exhibited. "Liberation of Salerno" by Scott Carter. It seems that the tension of the German army marked as "Danger: booby trap" can not be unraveled immediately after battle.

This is the Pacific WarSurrender document signing ceremony"Battleship Missouri" that reproduced the state of.

Not only is it built, but when you get closer it is an amazing gimmick.

There are plenty of people from the deck from the bridge.

Besides, I got my figure to the pose.

I desire the signing ceremony from the top. It looks like a news photograph at the time.

"The strength is like a cow" by the Tamiya Model Production Division.

Reproducing the state that three Tiger tanks are towing with a crowd.

It is a work that feels the weight of a tank on a pin stretched wire.

This is "Toriumi".

Awesome work. It looks like wood, but it seems to be made of paper.

As you can see, it is clear how Tamiya made a model without missing a boom, when models that are ordinarily standing in a model shop are displayed in an organized manner in this way. Moreover, considering the data collection ability that supports it and the production capacity of the prototype, it is nodded that the Tamiya kit is popular.

People who come to see are quite a wide range from children to elderly people, such as "It was in this place of depression", "This radiochond father was playing when you were about the year" and a conversation that tells the history of Tamiya It was playing.

Tamiya's historic center · showroom is open for admission free from 9: 00 ~ 16: 30 (closed on weekends and holidays) from Monday to Friday. There are many valuable models that can not be introduced here, so it is recommended to go once.

Information on tours (Tamiya historical center, showroom)

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