Photographs that are regarded as thinner new PS 3 that are distributed in the black market, further leakage

Assuming that the model which is said to be the new PS3 which became thin with GIGAZINE the other day is distributed in the black market,Pictures and videos of evidence uploadedWe have told you that, but a new photo has been released.

The videos released as evidence were very blurred, making it difficult to confirm the truth, but the newly released pictures are sharply shot. It seems to be difficult to believe that it is a new model because the details are unknown, but what on earth is this what ...?

Details are as below.
Zaiblog | More PS3 Slim pics

This is a newly released photo. A slim type new PS 3 is shown on the left side.

Pictures released the other day. Surely it looks like ....

In addition, bothPhotos leaked from ChinaIt is very similar.

It was printed on the conventional PS3 main body "PLAYSTATION 3On behalf of the logo "PS3There is no change in the place where there are somewhat suspicious points, such as the logo printed on, but truth is very bothersome this is ... This is ...

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