A man of Italian tourist who kissed her daughter will be arrested

People in Europe and the Americas have images that make intimate greetings expressing their cheeks, hugs and kisses, but there are some men who have been arrested because they kissed their daughter. Even in Japan, it seems that people who are cute and kissing their children seems quite interesting, but what on earth could not have done?

Details are as below.
Italian tourist faces jail in Brazil for kissing his daughter on a public beach - Telegraph

According to this article, a 48-year-old Italian man who went sightseeing to Brazil was arrested for kissing an 8-year-old daughter at Fortaleza Beach. This seems to be caused by reporting that the elderly Brazilian couple think that they are excessive love for their daughter, and Italian men protested, but he said that was a waste.

When a man kissed her daughter, she was also with a male wife's Brazilian woman, her husband insisted not to do anything bad. According to the Children's Law Opposition Law passed in last month in Brazil, sexual mischief for children is to be imprisoned for 8 to 15 years and women seem to be surprised at treatment of their husbands.

At the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica", a lawyer at the Italian consulate commented, "This case is overkill." The consulate is collecting reports to prove the personality of the arrested male.

Although I think that it is too strict to get arrested even if it is a parent and child, in Brazil it seems better to refrain from kissing in public places.

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