Automotive portable HDD that sticks to detail

"Pontiac · Firebird · Transform"The portable HDD modeled on the model of"1979 Trans Am 500 GB Hard Drive Car 1: 18 Black Bandit"is. The tire rotates back and forth, besides, the front wheel can be bent to the left and right, the door and the bonnet can be opened and closed just like the real thing, the attention to detail is glowing gently.

Details such as looks are from the following.1979 Trans Am 500 GB Hard Drive Car 118 Black by Coast 2 CoastDeals

This is an automobile portable HDD "1979 Trans Am 500 GB Hard Drive Car 1: 18 Black Bandit". Hitachi's internal HDD with 500 GB is not required for external power supply, you can use it only by inserting the included USB cable.

Although the left and right doors and hood can be opened and closed like this, unfortunately the trunk will not open.

There is no dropout on the back side of the car body, as you can see. By the way, this product is made in the USA.

The tire rotates back and forth, and in the case of front wheels it is also possible to bend left and right. The fine white part visible on the car body is dusty.

The total length is about 11 inches. In addition, if you purchase it comes with a black display stand and an original box that looks to the right back.

As a bonus, it seems that the following listed software is preinstalled. Of course, you can delete it if you do not like it. The price you care about is $ 235 (19789 yen) and it is expensive as a 500 GB portable HDD, but if you are a fan of "Pontiac, Firebird, Transom" you may consider purchasing.

· Portable Applications Menu
· Internet Radio Player And Recorder
· Secure Password Manager
· Software encryption

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