Russian-made snowmobile kit which easily makes the private car snowy road specification

It is a kit that makes snow on the front tire part, huge tire on the rear tire part, makes the car easily snowmobile with about 1 hour working time. In the introduction movie, Russian car manufacturer "LADAWe are using a passenger car, you can confirm that you are running on a snowy road in a row and run, such as running on steep slope roads.

Details are as below.
Snow Foot Car - Snowmobile

English Russia »A Solution for Many Many Snow

Situations like this when it is assumed are like this. There is tremendous snow accumulating

A house that is supposed to be buried in snow. I feel pretty reckless to drive a car in such a place.

The traffic seems to be paralyzed

You can not find a parked car without digging it out

I saw a passenger car fitted with the snowmobile kit from the front. Three points of "comfortable environment", "low fuel consumption", "maximum capacity of seven people (affected by installed cars)" are raised as an advantage.

Looking from the side like this. The car is completely on the kit. The installation time is about 1 hour, but it seems necessary to have a heavy equipment such as a crane.

It is seen from behind. The tires of the rear wheels have been removed, making it a mighty tire.

Sled attached to the front. The front wheel seems to be fixed as it is.

Here is the playback of a movie that actually runs on snow
YouTube - Снегоход на шинах низкого давления - пневматики

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