Chaotic continuous traffic accidents occurred in which buses and police cars collided with throwing plows

The downslop snow frozen in blackboard and the ice burned road surface requires extreme caution. A sight of the accident that made me realize such a thing again was unfolded in Montreal, Canada.

EPIC! Crazy Car Pileup in Montreal. Bus Police and Snowplow! - YouTube

The movie started from a place where a large bus collided with a passenger car which had stopped at an intersection. Every car seems to be unable to cope with the frozen road surface, and as with skating rink all cars are pushed out with slippers and thumps.

In such a place, a taxi came down the slope from the right side of the screen. However, this car also seems to have no brake and steering wheel.

If I thought that it was "hitting!" ... ...

Miraculously the handle works, stops in landscape orientation.

But the miracle will not last. Pickup trucks loaded with ladders etc slid over the slippers ... ...

"Gashan" at the back of the bus. Impact enough to disperse the loaded baggage greatly.

And again bus.

Loose and slide down the slope ... ...


Intersection is chaotic. The extent that the truck carrying the ladder is extruded by impact.

And how, even patrol cars prey on frozen roads. Two police officers are on board, but it is no longer controllable at this point.

Slide down the slope while turning backwards ......

Crash into the bus. And it appeared from here.

A snowplough car to get rid of the snow on the road came. However, it is obviously in a state where neither the handle nor the brake is effective.

A snow removing car that keeps sliding while sanding slip prevention sand from the back of the car body. Even though I thought "If this sand is being positively positively ...", it is after the festival.

I thought, "Oh, Oh, Oh!" And ....

A blow to the patrol car. The snowplow which is the iron catcher, the police car was shaken greatly by the impact, the hood was overshadowed.

Cities that are usually convenient are those that fall into a malfunction due to snow a bit. Please be careful about the drive on the snow road.

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