A powerful horse movie running through while fracturing the car while frontal collision with the car

Sometimes a car is called a "weapon of running", and everyone knows the danger, but a movie showing a good understanding of the toughness of a horse that runs straight on the car while frontal collision with the car is released It is being done.

Details are as below.
Horses running on the roadway.
LiveLeak.com - Tourists recording a horse having a run-in with a car on the highway

Since it is an oncoming lane, the car approached from the front.

The horse running together went through the oncoming car, but only one collided in a way to jump into the car.

I rushed through the car while destroying the windshield.

This movie was taken by the person who went to Israel, and it seems that the driver of the car which collided with the horse is to be carried to the hospital. On the other hand, the horse seems to have been slightly injured, so you will be reminded of the magnificence of wild power.

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