10 bad manners in girls' toilet

"Some terrible manners in girls 'restroom" created by a certain person in the university's girls' toilet looking badly. What kind of thing is the worst of the ladies' toilet that men do not know?

Details are from the following.
The Top 10 Worst Toilet Manners | healthkicker

1. Feminine supplies are on the floor

2. There are urine on the toilet seat

3. I'm wiping my hands with a wall

4. I left without excluding waste

5. Toilet paper is scattered on the floor

6. Packing of tampon is falling on the floor

7. The used sanitary napkin is in a state that it has jumped out of the garbage can

8. There is blood on the toilet seat

9. The handle of the door is wet

10. Scribbled on the wall

Let's use the public toilet beautifully for others to use.

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