First kiss is easier to remember in memory than first experience, a lot of knowledge about kiss

First kiss tastes of lemon ...... There is also a cliché of clothes .... The study revealed that the kiss I first exchanged remained in memory vividly, regardless of whether it was a lemon taste or not.

Also, different attitudes toward kissing were different between men and women, and analysis of various acts of kissing was done. People who miss the first kiss, or those planning to do, may be able to get a bit more about kissing if you read it.

Tips on kissing are as follows.You are more likely to remember your first kiss than losing your virginity | Mail Online

A survey revealed that almost all people can remember 90% of the time when they first experienced the first kiss. According to scientists, say that the memory of the first kiss is remembered more clearly than that of the first experience. In the back of the school building, or in the shade of the park .... There seems to be a lot of memories remembered finely up to the memory of the place, and details of the time at that time.

In his research, Mr. Sheril Kirshenbaum, who conducted the research, showed pictures of various kisses to men and women and performed experiments to measure how the magnetism flows in the brain according to them.

There are many patterns from females who want to kiss, but this is because they are more likely to act voluntarily because the satisfaction level of the actual experience is lower than the feeling of satisfaction that they wanted to obtain from a kiss . Also, many men are not aware of that.

Men are watching kisses as "a signal of the end", and I hope that after this we will be able to do more skinning than kissing. On the other hand, women feel that kissing is "an important sign of love relationship, communication".

Men tend to kiss more actively, to loverstestosteroneIt is like being transferred. Testosterone delivered to the body of a lover with one or two kisses is insignificant, but by repeatedly kissing each other during a relationship they remain longer in the body of a lover, and the effect of accelerating falling in love There seems to be.

There seems to be a difference between male and female viewpoints on the act of kissing, but it seems that it seems to be remembered very much about the first kiss, so it seems to be better to choose a situation to kiss or a partner if you can choose it properly ... ....

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