People are shutting down part of the brain while in love

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It is a common fact of all times in the world today when you fall in love when you fall in love, but what is happening in the human brain when you are actually falling in love? So by using MRI to examine the brains of people in romance, it turned out that while a part was activated, the part related to judgment and fear was shut down.

Crazy in love: What happens in your brain when you really have have chemistry | Mail Online

The frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex is an important part of human judgment (behavior selection). As a result of the MRI scan, when a person was shown a picture of a person who was crazy, it became ineffective that this part stopped all the functions of suspect and criticism. According to Semir Zeki, University College London researcher, there is a possibility that this may be occurring due to "more advanced biological objectives". If the ability to judge is stopped, usually the most difficult pair is born and reproductive is done. However, even if you fall in love, people do not mistake your choice of behavior in your daily life, so even if you take a rude action, your friends will not be persuaded that "you are getting strange" It also happens that the situation.

Also, as a result of the scan, we found that the part that feels fear and the part that controls other negative emotions are also "switched off". This is why I feel happiness without fear that things will progress to the worse while in love. The figure below shows which part of the brain is inactivated during love, 1 is the part which controls fear, 2 is the part which controls negative emotion, 3 is the part which controls judgment, 4 is It is a part that controls sympathy.

In addition, when you are in love, the level of dopamine is very high in the brain. Dopamine is a key to experiences such as joy and pain, and it is related to the growing emotions such as desire, craving, euphoria and it makes it very difficult to give up love affairs. Dopamine in such romance is very similar to the effect of drug like cocaine. As a side effect of elevated dopamine levels, other chemicals including serotonin, which affect appetite and mood, are reduced. The way of decreasing the serotonin level closely resembles that seen in people with obsessive compulsive disorder and it is considered that this is why nervousness becomes irritated by anxiety while feeling bliss while in love.

Among chemical substances related to love, dopamine is the most familiar. This hormone is responsible for palpitations when you see a person you like, dry throat, and holding sweat in your hands. Since adrenaline is released similarly when feeling fear, even two people who are only slightly attracted to each other sometimes fall in love when it feels scary together (Suspension bridge theory) And that. That's why forbidden love is attractive.

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Researchers are still studying now to understand the action of love in the brain. In either case, it is thought that it becomes clear also that "Why do people who cause behavior after passing love"?

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