Next year is a rabbit year so I tried to make "Deluxe New Year's Moon Soba"

New yearSo too much, I heard a voice saying "I'd like to make the Toshikoshi soba about luxurious!" From behind, so I decided to try making a deluxe soba soba.

As a plan, there is no art at the moon soba sole, so make the moon a little gorgeous with a gold leaf, and even the eggs of the moonpiece use a petan in addition to the raw eggs to give a contrast of color, and the kamaboko "rabbit" type I cut it and tried out the atmosphere.

So, details on completion are as follows.
First of all, prepare to cut the gold foil in the moon to make it round. Pure gold foil (food foil) stuck on gelatin film.

Good point

This is what it will be like on schedule

Well, let's cut it.


Somehow it is cut easily, but it is almost impossible to cut such easily. Let's not manage an amateur because it can not be managed.

I heard that it will be cut off while saying

Firstly, the shining gold leaf moon is completed

Next, boil hot water and boil the raw soba named Rice noodle noodles that I bought at business supermarket. This soba, it seems OK to leave it with OK. It may be safe even if the buckwheat noodles are spread out as the shooting prolongs.

In the meantime, cut the kamaboko. By the way, this kamaboko is "Cheap osechiThe rest of.

A rabbit is completed

Boiled soba because hot water has boiled


In the meantime, peatan shells are peeled and cut into two pieces

We prepared raw eggs as an insurance when we failed to put the gilt on Petan

So boiled, put a separately made octopus into your bowl and put in buckwheat

Serve green onions

I will put a rabbit 's kamaboko. It seems to be somewhat like it.

Finally gold leaf appeared

I pasted it on Petan.

It feels nice.


Put it on the soba and complete it. As a taste, the rich flavor of Pertan is tangled with soba and surprisingly nice. I thought that it would be a bit more taste but it is not, this is a pretty nice flavor.

I will also make a raw egg version.

Good to hear ... ....

Completion This is somewhat quite it. Taste is ordinary moon viewing soba, but it seems that it seems like it just like the atmosphere is different. It was a kind of feeling like "I taste with the eyes".

Toshikoshi soba next year's problem. Well, what happened ... ....

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