Easy and Combination I tried to make rice cakes using various 'kneaded osechi'

I tried miscellaneous dishes to make more effective use of the paste of " I tried my own making of" Umeido Osechi "which is super lactinous as it looks luxurious .

Kneaders who could not get into heavy weight

Boil silk sheath · carrots · radish etc. white beforehand and boil it in soy sauce so that it does not stick to the color

Next slice meat maybe

We cook with thin mild soy sauce together with shiitake mushroom

I will also burn red and white rice cakes

Complete 1st bowl, carrots, radishes, etc together with something like that just like that

It is an orthodox style of spoof style

Change the combination of the 2nd bowl, the putting paste

If the flesh is an umuma

The third bowl, this time it is a duck.

Feeling that the taste of duck is stained in red and white rice cake.

4th bowl, make more vegetables.

In this way you can taste various patterns just by changing the combination of the ingredients, so you can make a mischievous dish that does not get tired simply by preparing two kinds of ingredients and dashi placed in it.

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