You can still make it from now! Osechi three-stage heavy made in 30 minutes

So, I made a New Year holidays earlier, but after I finished eating, I challenged the rough skill to make Osechi while writing the article. If you buy a pack's fish cake or terrine and throw it in three tiers, it will be completed. In addition, we borrowed the carrot, candy, lotus root, bamboo shoot, konnyaku etc that we had made for sushi. Other than that, I just cut it. Even so, indeed it will be completed in less than 30 minutes ... ....

So write down on how to make osecho easily.
Various packs I bought at the supermarket. It is cheap to buy it before the end of the year.

This is heavy for osechi. I heard it was sold at a department store. The feature is that there is a partition from the beginning inside. You can arrange it in various ways.

Here is important. Some people only use about once a year depending on some people, so I can not help but wash them carefully, but as the proverb says, "Puck the corner of a box" it is very hard to wash. Therefore, lay an aluminum case in it. By doing this, it is considerably easier to clean up the rest.

It is completed.

First of all, one heaviness. Terrine of shrimp with orange color. It is a substitute for Ise shrimp. Decorations and lucky items enter here.

Next is the weight of two. I enter pottery.

Last, three heavy. This is simmered.

By the way, in the case of a five-tier heavy weight, the bottom row seems to be a carapo. This indicates that the present is not full, there is room for further prosperity in the future and wealth increase ... .... Wikipedia has more detailed information written. Interesting.

Sengoku dish - Wikipedia

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