I tried making just "cheap oseiri" for something that I bought at business supermarkets and it turned out like this

Every year since 2006, we are making osechi at the end of the year or eating, but this year we will make osechi at the cheapest price! So I tried challenging how delicious and cheap osechi can be done with just the ingredients that I bought and went to business supermarkets and cheap supermarkets.

From the conclusion, what it seems to be so much that it is not easy to make one by one for bully is complete with cheapness that can not be considered as osechi. Because it was around 1 hour with photography, if it is made without photographing it is likely to be completed in around 30 minutes.

The trajectory until completion of cheap oshiri and the price of the final total gauge are from the following.
This is the material

Steamed Kamaboko Spring set, 399 yen

Number child Matsumae, 980 yen. This is the most expensive for single items.

Boiled stick, 299 yen

Hors d'oeuvre kamaboko "Ebisu", 298 yen

Tanaka, 128 yen

From the series of side dishes of 'Fujiko' 'Rico potato', 148 yen

Boiled burdock burdock, 148 yen

Takenako Tosa boiled, 97 yen

Pickled spicy kinpirasu, 97 yen

Sweet potato boiled rice, 98 yen

White flower beans, 68 yen

Tanba kind black bean, 68 yen

Kim Il bean, 68 yen

Chestnut sword cooked, 105 yen

The total total price is 3001 yen including tax.

The weight used this time is here. It is a common three-tiered guy.

In order to pack up properly properly, I will put it out once on a dish etc. First of all, a few child Matsumae.

A few children seem to be okay.

Next, I will cut the hors d'oeuvre kamaboko with a kitchen knife.

In a flash.

Steamed kamaboko set will also cut steadily

Feel good to be plump

Well I'm getting better and better


In addition, three kinds of beans and sweet potato, the chestnut sweet-and-sour cooked only.

Rice cooked

Boiled bamboo shoots Tosa

Boiled with Tanako and a stick

Boiled burdock burdock with konnyaku.

Pyran spicy lotus root

I finished putting it out to the dish all along. Finally I will stuff it to heaviness.

First of all, one heavy

Completed with this feeling

This kind of kamaboko kind was put together like this

Number Child Matsumae got up and raised a few children and it seems like that

Tanaku is also crowded

I will put it in a stick car

Next, two heaviness


Serve with crunchy wheat flour

Bamboo shoots tightly

Rosemary also cooked rice

Burdock and konnyaku

The last is three heavy

Completed with packing, this is easy and nice feeling

Golden beans are beautiful

Black bean and chestnut sweet-nosed cooking are also good feeling

White flower beans also richly

The sweet potato sweet potato fell in a nice touch

Is it enough? I thought, but it was too much

A majestic cheap oshiri completed!

It is something you can do if you do it.

This is a total of 3001 yen including tax ...... I feel like I'm finished with something like that saying something.

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