GIGAZINE made with a microwave, whale meat with sliced ​​meat crest hand sauce

It is a GIGAZINE editorial department that has kept on eating all kinds of new products this year, and it was like Ginza Azusa, but I was thinking that I will make the year-end soba properly, but after all it became something strange like Toshikoshi soba. Every year, I make unusual new year 's new soba, but this year we are entering the whale meat. Furthermore buckwheat is not ordinary boiled buckwheat, but chin in the microwave.

So, whisker 's streak meat creation method of Toshi - Koshi soba.
This is the streak of whale meat. Unlike beef streak meat, it is oddly soft though it is cliché texture. Meat quality is like chicken. It looks like a canned yakitori.

So, what we prepared this time is Katsukichi 's frozen soba. How, you can chin in the microwave ... ....

I will make it like this. Just take it out and put it on a dish and chin it. Pretty easy.

This is the state it put on the dish. Chin in the microwave as it is.

Immediately after chinning. I'm swelling. Take care of the steam and open it.

Immediately after opening. It's like an after-boiled atmosphere. Katakichi, you do it ...... As a principle it resembles frozen spaghetti.

Inserted buckwheat in the one with the attached liquid soup dissolved in 300 ml of hot water

Completed side by side

Whale meat meat is more delicious when warm. It might be perfect for Oden's ingredients. Buckwheat has considerable taste and is very tasty. It is amazing to be able to do much better than boiling by yourself. I did quite like boiling so I liked quite a bit. That's why we are currently making osechi. Also I am making a mushroom noodle to eat tomorrow morning. We are planning to continue updating New Year's Day without sex, so please look forward to it.

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