"Maru-chan Moyashi Chinese soba" featured by Torami sauce is rich in ingredients

New product "Maru-chan Moyashi Chinese soba" released on March 19 was finally available. It is a characteristic that plenty of retort ingredients are used, according to listening, six ingredients such as pork belly, bamboo shoots, carrots, etc. are included, leaving a texture of sprout shakijaki to make a Chinese style thickening system soy source ramen"Sumer noodlesIt is said that it is reproducing.

This kind of tempura "sauce-based" is pretty large because it likes it. There are such kinds of ramen at a Chinese restaurant. So, I tried making what it is.
Toyo Suisan: Announcing new launch of bean sprout Chinese noodle

First check the contents. Fine, powder soup, special liquid soup, 4 bags of ingredients of retort. Noodles have become medium-sized non-fried noodles, authentic.

It has become freeze dried at last, it is sprout and cabbage.

Pour hot water and wait 4 minutes.

After 4 minutes, I opened it. Feeling the smell of bean sprouts.

Mix and mix liquid soup and ingredients. As expected it is not as good as a package picture, but it was quite deluxe still. Temara is not soup, it is attached to ingredients.

As a taste it is not possible or impossible, but unexpectedly the ingredients are solid, especially the feeling of bean sprouts is well reproduced. The soup itself is based on soy sauce, but there is a taste of ginger and a sesame flavor in some way and it feels like a ramen shop. For the retort ingredients we have good texture of pork belly meat. Because there are many instruments for looks, it may be want to put other cup noodles around this as well. After all, no matter how good noodle and soup it is, it becomes sad feeling somewhat if the ingredients are small ... ....

Anyway it might be a pretty good person in that it made me feel like writing for a while in a cup ramen of "Maru-chan". Hang in there, Toyo Fisheries.

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