I ate a Sukiya's "Eating La Menma Beef Bowl" with a Chinese flavor, at a pre-sale store

"Eating La Menma beef bowl" to be released next Tuesday, 26th (Tuesday), but since it was already provided at the pre-sale store, I ate it at once.

The combination of eating rice oil and beef bowl is somewhat anticipated, but what kind of taste fusion happens when Menma further joins there?

The impression of taste is from the following.Eat Lear · Menma beef bowl

What I went for this time wasSukiya Funaba Central Shop.

We are appealing extensively with banners and others.

The cover of the menu was also "Eater Ra Menma Beef Bowl".

According to the menu, the calorie of "Eater Ra Menma Beef Bowl" (aka) is 795 kcal and it is quite hard. Since normal beef bowl is 634 kcal, it is added 161 kcal by eating oil and menma.

And also on desktop stickers. You can see well that it is being pushed furiously.

This is "Eater Lee Menma Beef Bowl" (350 yen). I was brought within three minutes after I asked.

Scattered green onions are also vivid in the eyes. Because Menma and beef have colors that are quite similar, it seems to assimilate, but Menma has a rather long long standing ride.

I eat larceny oil firmly on Menma. Menma was at ambient temperature and beef bowl was hot, so as a structure, it will be in the form of topping with menma's eating light oil on beef bowl.

Fried garlic and fried onions in the part of the oil to eat are close to the feeling that they choped the raw ones finely and felt rather than fried if they tried grinding only the grains, although it was not crispy texture, but the flavor was quite peachy It is close to those of the ones, and it tastes to think by listening to the eating oil. Pain is somewhat stronger from the Momoya criteria, but if you are not good at extreme painful things, it is a level that you can think that it is delicious with spicy.

The compatibility of the beef bowl with the eating oil was excellent, I was able to get a satisfaction like eating Chinese-style beef stir-fried or something. Although Menma was conspicuous and not shakijaki, it was rather soft, and the flavor of the larcenes that eat also on Menma itself was soaked in firmly, so it added mouthfeel and flavor when eating with beef bowl. However, Menma is one long and longer, so when you eat with beef, menma and rice, you finally miss a few menma, so I wanted to be "Menma" if possible.

As I tried to finish the shop, I tried to make the shop later, but my eyes stopped at the menu that will bring out some of the beef bowl 's topping part and so on for a snack of beer. Because the menma part of "eating La Menma beef bowl" was a taste that seemed to fit beer so that it would not be amazing even if it was lineup here as "Menma's eating light oil", so if you can add it as a snack to a new menu I thought.

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