I ate 'garlic sprout curry' which is perfect for summer with spicy spicy taste and shakyaki texture

" Garlic sprout curry " which topped with garlic sprout and spicy spicy spicy sauce has appeared for the limited time on Thursday, August 2, 2018 in Thursday. I ate shakyaki garlic sprouts that "the more you chew, the more taste", the garlic, red peppers, and the curries that are going to have stamina in the curry.

Curry of garlic sprout (in the shop) | Sukiya

Arrived Sukiya.

I found "garlic sprout curry" marked "Limited time restoration" in the in-store menu. I will place an order immediately.

"Garlic sprouted curry" (Nimori: 640 yen including tax) arrived at the explosion speed 1 to 2 minutes after ordering. At the same time as it is placed in front of you, the scent of spice spreads and stimulates appetite.

The buds of garlic were summed with spicy soup containing garlic, rarin oil and red pepper.

Curry roux contains potatoes, carrots, potatoes pork as appliances.

At first there is no sprout of garlic, it is unique with curry alone. Spicy is not so strong and somewhat sweet. The pork of the ingredients is soft and finished in Trotoro. Rou's thickening is weak.

Eating texture and delicious stimulation of garlic sprouts are transmitted to the tongue across the curry. The faint acidity is a moderate accent.

Because seasoning of garlic sprout is spicy, sweet Fukujaku injury is just good chopstick break.

It is satisfying with the volume because there are gorotted apples and roux and the amount of rice corresponding to it, and finished in the summer curry which can enjoy the change of texture and taste with the bud of garlic.

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