New items for summer, Sukiya's "Celery Beef Bowl" and "Garlic Bud Bull Donbur" have been eaten at the pre-sale stores

Sukiya will start selling Celery Beef Bowl and Garlic Bud Bakery on August 10 (Tuesday). Prior to this, it was said that we started preliminary sales at 41 stores from Tuesday, July 27, so I went and went to the preceding sales store immediately.

The combinations of "garlic sprouts" such as stamina lines and beef bowls are unexpected "celery", but what kind of beef don is becoming it?

Details are as below.
(PDF file)Enjoy the summer texture and flavor Shaki finely refreshing "Celery Beef Bowl" Pili and Umilli "Garlic Bud Bor Bon"

I visited you today.Sukiya Funaba Central Shop.

It is saved because it is open 24 hours.

You already have this street on the menu. Both are about 350 yen in average and 450 yen in high grade. This is because of the summer Thanksgiving period, which is usually 380 yen.

Both garlic bud bean bowl on the left and celery rabbit bowl on the right are all lined up.

Order two by two.

The garlic bud bean bowl is "spicy". It certainly looks painful.

... Do not look lightly thought of it. Even if it is said to be spicy, it is a considerably painful category, sweat will spout out and sweat even in the store where the air conditioning worked. There is something just fine in the summer where internal organs tend to weaken after eating cold things.

One "Celery rice bowl" is a refreshing flavor that makes use of the celery texture. There is no bitter taste and there is nothing to be aware of the taste of celery.

Thank you for the meal.

The release at the nationwide store is from August 10th.

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