Pork curry which became summer specification with goro and vegetables "NASCALAY" "Aspara curry" I ate at a favorite house

The summer has a seasonal eggplant asparagus "Nascarre"Asparagus currySukiya is offered from Wednesday, July 20, 2016. The usual pork curry is said to be the summer specification, so I went to a house I liked soon and ate.

Sukiya's Nascarand · Aspara Curry | Campaign | Sukiya

Arrived Sukiya.

After ordering, waiting for a while, Nascaray · aspara curry was offered.

This is the size of the dish when compared with iPhone SE.

There were four eggplants cut on rice in Nascarray.

So, first of all, from NASCALEY. Eggplant is fried, oil is stained and juicy, but the inside was soft and moisturized remained.

Carreaux felt that the first mouth is "somewhat sweet?" However, as eating progresses jiwiwa spicy comes, as you eat with egg you feel a little refreshed in the mouth.

Since the base is pork curry, it contains ingredients such as carrots, potatoes and pigs.

Next, asparagus curry.

Asparagus was scattered on rice, so let's go.

Again, because the base is pork curry, you can check carrots, potatoes, pork and so on.

The asparagus seems to be sautéed, and you can feel the flavor of slightly butter. The degree of heating is moderate, and the texture is soft while leaving a feeling of shakiaki. "Aspartic acid contained in asparagus is a famous amino acid used also for nutritional drinks", so we can get tired of summer in seasonal asparagus while supplementing energy with curry .

Besides, as for Nascaray · aspara curry, the level of parallel arrangement is 550 yen including tax. Vegetable topping is possible with each plus 100 yen, so even if you eat both asparagus and eggplant in regular pork curry, it is OK.

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