Sukiya's "Spring Shrimp Salt Cabbage Beef Bowl" is a crispy bowl with a rich texture in early spring

From Tuesday, March 1, 2016, as a new menu to Sukiya "Spring shrimp cabbage beef"Has been added. Unfortunately this day was severely chilling, it was not a feeling like "for spring", but I just went to eat at least at least what we eat it seems to be spring.

Spring shrimp cabbage beef bowl | Campaign | Sukiya

It means that the new menu starts from 9 o'clock in the morning, so I immediately moved to the store.

There was a big banner in front of the shop. "It is possible to ingest beta-carotene contained in cabbage and green-yellow vegetables that can give you stomach-friendly dietary fiber", it seems that it is becoming ugly to be a health menu.

There is also a salad set, but this time I order an individual item souvenir (500 yen).

Then, because the beef bowl is the base, a bowl of rice came in just 2 minutes from the order.

About vegetables and shrimp which hide meat. It seems salt is hanging.

It looks like "Topping a vegetable in a beef bowl, a shrimp with a boneless", it may be more colorful than a brown rice bowl with a brown color, but it was about impressive, but the texture of cabbage and broccoli shakyaki crunchy cow is cow There was nothing on the bowl, this is ant. However, vegetables may get in the way if you are a chewing-up person like Ochazuke.

However, since the supply time is also almost the same as that of a usual beef bowl, if the idea of ​​"If vegetables are supplemented with a salad" is enough, miso soup does not follow, but this menu also enters a sufficient choice.

However, since the shrimp was also included in the menu name, I felt it was good even if there was a little more presence.

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