I have eaten Yoshinoya's "Pork Stamina Bowl" "Pork Stamina Set Meal" that garlic odor rises from the body in "Garlic Growth"

"It is perfect for putting stamina with egg yolk daringly with sweet special sauce that garlic is useful for" pork "Pork stamina on rice"Pork stamina set menu"Has appeared in Yoshinoya since Thursday, March 9, 2017. "Garlic Growth Service" By going to ant, I actually went to eat.

Notice of "Pork Stamina Bowl Set Food" on sale ~ It is a special sauce that made "Garlic" a classic pork bowl ~
(PDF file)https://www.yoshinoya.com/_static/page/html/news/2017/pdf/170306.pdf

Arrived at Yoshinoya.

The "New · Pork Stamina Don bowl" listed at the store had written "Garlic Growth Service" letters.

Pork stamina bowl has arrived for a few minutes after entering the store and placing an order. This is not increasing garlic.

The diameter of the bowl is about a little bigger than the iPhone SE with the total length of 123.8 mm.

The height is like this.

Since eggs are attached separately, put egg yolks and egg whites on a metal plate with this feeling ... ...

I will place it on a bowl.

First of all, when I ate only pork without eggs, a sweet garlic tangle was involved in firm pork with pork and it was very appetizing finish. Pork stamina bowl is a regular version, not garlic, but you can feel the fragrance of garlic and garlic.

Break an egg ... ....

We will eat rice with pork and egg together. Although the impact of garlic is weakened by adding mellowness of egg yolk, it still seasoned meets rice. Pork is not too greasy, it combines the appetizing aroma and mellowness, it was easy to eat.

Also onions were boiled sweet and soft. Sesame sprinkled on pork lost to garlic and felt almost nothing.

Next, I will eat "Pork Stamina Set".

Pork and salad on the plate.

When I asked for garlic increased service, I added grilled garlic.

Also the raw eggs are attached separately.

Complete the egg yolk on the pork.

When grilled with grated garlic and eaten it, the strong aroma of garlic spreads in the mouth, and it feels tangy and irritating. In the normal version, adding egg yolk weakened the impact of garlic and the whole became a mellow taste, but if you add more garlic you can not control the assertion of garlic alone with egg yolk.

So, salad accompanied by meat ......

Miso sou does a good job.

Pork meets rice, but I eat grated garlic, so after dinner I smashed the garlic odor to the extent that it feels like scent of garlic is rising from the body .... It seems better to avoid eating at office workers etc for office work.

Pork stamina bowl is 450 yen including tax, 450 yen including tax, 550 yen including tax, 620 yen by tax for Omori, 750 yen in tax included, and pig stamina set meal is 510 yen including tax, large scale It is 680 yen including tax, special sale is 810 yen including tax.

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