Finally the personal computer equipped with "Windows XP" will be discontinued

Microsoft's OS released in 2001 "Windows XPIt became clear that the personal computer equipped with "sale will be terminated.

Extended sales period upon request from usersAnd furthermoreThe support period that was scheduled to be canceled in 2009 will be extended to 2014Although it is the same OS that boasts high popularity, by the end of sale it will further promote the transition to the current latest OS "Windows 7" etc.

Details are as below.
Windows XP Rides Off into the Sunset - Direct2Dell - Direct2Dell - Dell Community

According to the official page of the world's third largest PC maker "DELL", the company is unlikely to be able to ship PCs equipped with "Windows XP Home Edition" and "Windows XP Professional" after October 22, 2010.

This is based on the guidelines set by Microsoft, and preinstallation of Windows XP which could be selected as an option when purchasing a PC until now will be canceled in September. Please note that DELL intends to continue to support driver support for Windows XP until December 2012.

Please note that despite October 22nd, PCs preinstalled with Windows XP will not be sold, but you can use the downgrade right to Windows XP that comes with Windows 7, and "Windows 7 Professional" "Windows 7 Ultimate "and" Windows 7 Enterprise Edition "," Windows XP Mode ", it is said that old applications can be used even after migrating to Windows 7.

Description of "Windows XP Mode" by Microsoft. By virtually building the Windows XP environment it is possible to use the old application.
Windows XP mode - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

The PC that preinstalled Windows XP is discontinued, so the most concerned is the netbook that preinstalls Windows XP instead of having processing performance restrictions, but in the current state it is a netbook Considering that it can not be said that it has a performance that can be comfortably used in the Windows 7 environment, I would like to expect the possibility that restrictions will be relaxed in the future.

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