Extended sales period of Microsoft, Windows XP

According to the newsletter's report, Microsoft announced that it will extend the sales period of "Windows XP".

This is not the latest OS "Windows Vista" but that it is due to users who nominate Windows XP and requests from manufacturers who received it.

Details are as follows.
Current affairs dot: Microsoft, XP Extended sales period = Delayed to Vista transition

According to this article, when Microsoft released the latest OS "Windows Vista", it was said that XP sales will be terminated at the end of January 2008, but users who nominate XP-equipped PCs because they are still highly reliable In addition to the fact that a voice from PC maker hoping to extend sales of XP was issued, he decided to extend sales of XP by the end of June 2008.

Microsoft has already planned to close it in 2009We announced that support for Windows XP Home Edition will be extended to 8th April 2014However, it seems that it will take more time for XP users to finish the transition to Vista if this is the case.

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