Microsoft, the new OS "Windows 7" will appear in 2010 and comment

The other day at GIGAZINEMicrosoft's chairman Bill Gates said that the new OS "Windows 7" might appear next yearI told you that Microsoft denied this. Apparently, as originally planned, it seems to appear in 2010 in the coming year.

Even so, compared with Windows XP, Windows Vista seems to remain short-lived.

Details are as below.
Windows 7 In 2010, Microsoft Says - Windows - InformationWeek

According to this article, Microsoft's publicity is still in the planning stage for the next OS "Windows 7", and actually "Windows 7" will be released only after three years from the release of Windows Vista 2010 It is said that it will be the year.

And Microsoft's chairman Bill Gates said earlier that it may appear in 2009 "as soon as possible", the spokesperson said that the trial version of "Windows 7" can be used in 2009 It is supposed to be that it is to become.

Although Windows 7 is currently being developed as a codenamed "Blackcomb", certainly Windows development code name to be released next to Windows VistaChanged from "Blackcomb" to "Vienna"I was talking about January 2006, but what is going on ......

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