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Since the autumn of 2007, we have recruited talent every time, but this time we aim to further upgrade the level one more step, we decided to recruit talent with completely different viewpoints and conditions.

To put it briefly, it is not a person who does not passive thinking such as "work is work, private is private" rather than a person who does not passive thinking, it cuts out time of his own time to convert into hourly wages, "I am working at GIGAZINE to do what GIGAZINE can do I want people who do professional thinking that I do not want to work in other places! It is not a person who can work if you think you want to work even though you are going to work, ask for a person who "wants to work because GIGAZINE!"

Details of the recruitment are as follows.
◆ Background to recruitment
It is Yamazaki of the editor in chief. Since this recruitment aims for one turning point for GIGAZINE, I will shamefully disclose the background to this recruitment and decide to record it here.

Currently, GIGAZINE is composed of nearly ten people, but there are almost none of those who joined in the aim of editing from the beginning, except for editorial chiefs. Also, since the editor-in-chief himself has experienced a company such as SOFTBANK LIVIDO so far, it is not an instruction from above, expecting to move more freely and independently, various people are inexperienced such as reporter / writer work etc. Even though there is a possibility, I hired it with expectation. This was in hopes of hiring talented people with diverse perspectives and hoping for articles of diverse viewpoints.

Although refusing to make it an article with his favorite things and hobbies as the core, refusing business orders from the editor-in-chief and the desk, and despite being running down the deficit to the end of the phrase "Make more moneyAn editorial staff member who began to say such things came out, and decided to use GIGAZINE to innovate inside this.

In other words, I did not want to work at GIGAZINE, I should have paid money anywhere, I hired those people. This was a big mistake.

Also, since I hired it as a "full-time employee" from the beginning, I have not been able to understand what it means, that it means that I have a different responsibility than byte and contract employee It was. As a result, I started thinking on a hourly basis, including those who experienced only part-time jobs, and I never thought about studying in my private time to raise my abilities, Although trying to do something about, it is busy, so there is no time for that, so a vicious cycle has occurred that nothing progresses at all.

Creating an article means that the full capacity of himself is questioned and I can not write good articles without my own growth. However, the difference between those who can understand that value and those who can not do it grows year by year, those who grow are self-educated using their own time, and those who do not do business hours that money is paid I worked only inside and spent all private time except work. As a result, the difference in ability has no longer exceeded the tolerable category.Those who can do it become increasingly possible, those who can not become more and more impossibleThat is the disparity that occurred.

Although it is a pitiful story, in the past three years, I have greatly reduced the number of articles created by myself, the editor-in-chief, and by mainly engaging in business managers, I will support the foundation of creating their own articles, I have been doing various things hoping that a variety of articles that can not be created will increase. However, as a matter of fact, it became the opposite of the opposite for the reasons mentioned above, and the article of the genre which I was the editor in chief and was writing before (articles of the software and net service, problems raising system and articles of the research news report and summary The article of the system) has drastically decreased, or has disappeared.

GIGAZINE's article quality has been declining, and to compensate for it, we hired people more and more to "build quality from quantity" to increase the quantity of articles and try to raise the quality Although it came, most people who are too different from my own sense of values, the world view, problem awareness and aiming go to occupy the majority, "I only work for the amount of money paid, I do not want to work, writing articles is troublesome, in the first place I do not want to write"The tide spreads in the editorial department, even those who make it clear appear.

If this is simple physical labor, it may be appropriate even if there is a time-honed idea, but GIGAZINE's article creation / coverage etc is a perfect intellectual and creative thing which itself polishes itself by strengthening itself It is a kind of job and it is something that a good article can be created by always pouring in all the time it has. As a matter of fact it was very close to something like a writer or an artist. It is necessary to have the opposite sense of value to the value of the general public "work is work, private is private". Writing an article only while in the company and enjoying private while playing at home is a thing you can never do with a type of person.

Since I was able to write articles of any genre without my own effort, if I wanted to do other people, as a job, as a professional, maintaining curiosity about any genre I could believe that I could produce a wide variety of things. However, nobody was able to go beyond the walls of "like" and "dislike", "pleasant" and "uncomfortable", "interested" and "not interested". Some people have reached out to various genres with core things as their core, and some have been able to overcome the barriers of play and work, liking and disliking. But it was an overwhelming minority.

Human beings change and learn by learning, but the growth rate is quite different between a person who grows only for the time of work and a person who actively pursues self-help efforts and studying time other than work. Then, what happened next is that, "Because studying at home also studies for GIGAZINE's work, it is like working hours, overtime work + holiday work." Studying in a private time is It is the same as saying that you can work in a private time, so you can study if you pay for that amount. "

It may be true that the company trains and bears the time and expense for studying, but since GIGAZINE is a small place like 10 people, it can not be a day off, so a large company We can not offer substantial services like the one in the first place. It is rather the same as a venture company. However, "There must be an equal relationship between the employer and the worker by entering labor-management relations similar to those of a top-tier company, and you will have to pay for the amount of work you have done!" It is an honest place to say that it has gone beyond the limit of patience. Anyhow, if you are writing achievements with as much quality as you would expect, you will be in trouble even if it is requested only for money though it is not.

That is,Despite the need for consciousness that each one supports GIGAZINE, there is no awareness of it, but rather only the attitude grew steadily and steadilyIt is a feeling.

Also, at the time of the interview, while arranging a lying killierigoto and saying something that obeys any business order, in reality nobody can do this, no it can not do this, such is not the case I do not have any interest in it, so that someone else gives me a chance to do it, only at the end of the phrase I like whatever I like, if I work I lose to work, not to do anything , It has come to be told to such things that it does not do this either. In order to support all of them, I myself did not rest on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and we believed that even those who changed something at every sacrifice will change, and until now I have spent my life only once for others , I seal all the things I want to do, the ability is cut down, and at the end the reader continues to say something like "GIGAZINE is boring", I do not know what I am doing for died.

For the past three years I have been taking various measures in anticipation of doing it autonomously, but I have lost a lot of things, I can not do anything I want to do in the last year, I did not move forward one step anywhere. As a result, in order not to impair the mood of other editorial staff members, they are basically asking their complexions and doing various things on a "wish" basis, gradually increasing part of the editorial staff, "We are not working hours so I will not help anything." It was never ordered from above and we were reluctant to take orders as much as we wanted, so we were in an incoherent state. Basically I myself seems to have been licked because there is nothing to "get angry" by someone. I think that it is pretty low-level and low-level childishness to not listen to what I say without being angry, but I also have a responsibility for hiring just such employees . Honestly, inside of GIGAZINE is rattling now. Despite lack of hands, my burden increases as we hire a person, and monthly salary is also the lowest working poor condition to bring out salaries for other editorial staff, I reached the limit and fell down.

In order to rebuild this situation, I finally fired one editorial member at the beginning as of today.

From now on, I think that those who do not see reflection, those who do not obey the business orders that become positive for GIGAZINE, those who are too different in sense of value are forced to cease in order. Writing articles at GIGAZINE is never a manual labor but should be an intellectual work that also serves as a self-fulfillment, but I believe that it is not a matter of personal labor, We are no longer able to withstand the quality of the articles that are offered to the readers, and there is something that is noticeable, so we have reached the following policy change.

Until now I have been adopting capability emphasis, but as earlier problems, do you really want to work with GIGAZINE in the first place, is it that it can not be realized without GIGAZINE, that kind of thingThe agreement and disagreement of 'sense of values' this time the most importantTo do.

Of course, if it turns out that what you said in an interview etc. after adoption is "false", you will be stopped immediately. People who showed themselves and lied and entered GIGAZINE, in short, it is fine to think that people who should not work at GIGAZINE are basically out. I know a lot about the reasons for my eyes from a pretty prideful point and I know that it is saying the opposite of the hourly wage based labor values ​​in a normal general society, but I know that I work at GIGAZINE It is quite different from ordinary employer-worker relationship. "Writing an article at a news site is absolutely different from ordinary labor!I'd like you to understand in advance in advance that you are doing it. I think that this can be understood intuitively if you are writing a blog. I write it properly because I like it, I am not writing with norms. It is useless to think on time savings on hourly pay hours on an extension line of bytes or parts and you need money for your private hobby and you want a gold to play so it's just like working for that alone It is because everything is only unhappy with each other.

I wrote about things like ramblings and bitches, but this is the background of this recruitment. I know that the hurdles are quite high, but hopefully, I will have the same ambition as myself "ComradeI hope you will come to us. Let's raise GIGAZINE to the height together and let us realize what we can not do with GIGAZINE together. I am waiting here for someone like me.

◆ Recruitment Period
August 2 (Monday) - August 9 (Monday) 23: 59 minutes

◆ Recruitment occupation
Reporters / editors

◆ Work place
Osaka-shi, Osaka

◆ Job Description
News site "GIGAZINE" (http://gigazine.net/) Article creation / editing


◆ Working hours

Work schedule

◆ Eligibility
You do not have to ask anything as long as you can work in the past, work experience, academic career, age, sex

◆ Employment Flow "Primary Examination"
As the first examination between August 2 (Monday) today August 9 (Monday) 23:59 today, the following "Apply for this jobIn the place of "click herePlease send the following documents attached to e-mail to the e-mail address displayed by clicking the character string "mail". It can be in Word format, PDF format or text format.

* Please also attach a career history document if necessary. Face photographs are unnecessary, but please write down each of the other items in detail as much as possible.

· What you felt after reading the "circumstances leading to recruitment", what you thought, what you thought, your thoughts
* Since virtual de facto judgment is this, please write as much as you can, such as your thoughts, ideas, opinions, what you would like to do with GIGAZINE

◆ Employment Flow "Announcement of the passing of the first examination"
Only those who passed the primary examination will send you a guide of the secondary screening by e-mail during August. In addition, it is possible that a mail from here will be judged as spam and it will not reach, so be careful when spam filters etc are installed.

◆ Apply for this job
click herePlease enter the displayed character string and display the application email address. To prevent spam, "ReCAPTCHA Mailhide"using.

※ We will not accept any questions regarding this recruitment. In any case, please understand that we can not reply even if it is inquired.

· Continued
[Recruitment wanted] We are looking for network engineers, web programmers, web designers who want to work at GIGAZINE

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