"Please go to a company that can not fully utilize your capabilities" GIGAZINE has begun recruiting editorial staff, so Q & A is summarized

It became clear that GIGAZINE is recruiting editorial staff making articles. I tried to summarize what kind of merit there is, what kind of feeling it would be if it actually worked, and the various unknowns so far in Q & A form.

Table of contents
· Let's go home soon
· Suitable for people who like solitary work rather than collective work
· There is no drinking party
· You do not have to have friends
· If you write Japanese sentences correctly, you do not need to have communication skills
· Once you get through the first wall

◆ Let's go home soon

Q: "It is quite a radical catchphrase to say" Please come in at a company that can not fully utilize your capabilities "What does it mean?
A: In short, it means "I will demonstrate your full potential." Even saying full demonstration does not mean working 24 hours a day without work. From 9 o'clock to 18 o'clock, excluding 1 hour break, I will work for 8 hours in total, work all the time exactly, all other times, improve my skills, like that and have a free time and live a life like a human being ,about it. In the case of GIGAZINE, weekdays worked only for 8 hours, as was said earlier, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are closed. Of course there are paid holidays, and you can also use half-holiday. In the case of a semi-holiday, for example, if you are absent in the morning, your departure will be at 13 o'clock, and if you break a 1 hour somewhere between 18 o'clock, you will be OK. On the contrary, if you want to take a break in the afternoon, you may come to work at 9 o'clock and do not take an hour's break but work hard until 13 o'clock and then go home and then put a 1 hour break It is ok to go back at 14 o'clock.

Q: But there are things like coverage on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, but is not it what you are saying now?
A: It certainly happens that we must create articles in Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. In that case, however, it will be a "transfer holiday", and one whole day will be closed on the latest weekday. Apart from transfer holidays and paid holidays, summer holidays occur separately during summer 's Bon festival, and year - end and new - year holidays have year - end and new year holidays as well. The ability to create articles eventually necessitates everything that you experience in time other than making articles.

◆ Suitable for people who like solitary work rather than collective work

Q: The ability to make articles, but because working in the editorial department means that everyone works for the company, is not it still necessary to associate with others in the company as well?
A: That is not the case. If you say without fear of misunderstandings, making articles is a "stand-alone" thing to do, not everyone tries to write one character at a time. Eventually we put together various elements and make one article responsibly with our own power. So in the case of GIGAZINE, it is called "editing", not "reporter".

There is no drinking party

Q: If it is an image of a general editorial department, I thought that something like "drinking nikki" is important, but in the case of GIGAZINE editorial department, it is quite different but it is quite clear that this is it Is it just a communication problem?
A: If we can work, it will be communication obstacle, but it does not matter. It may be a problem if it is a place where you attach importance to general society people, "drinking nice". If it says, "It is a matter of not being able to drink, it is probably a problem in the sense that it is the editorial department that allows society people with such problems. However, for readers reading GIGAZINE's articles, "articles" should be the best. It is a stance that there is no problem for the editorial department as long as the "articles" eventually created are eventually created, no matter what kind of person it is, if a good "article" can be written.

◆ You do not have to have a few friends

Q: But it is not a personality problem that there are no friends at all? Regardless of how much work you can do, because it is a company, it is an organization, and since organizations have more than one person, is not there a minimum human relationship needed among people inside the company?
A: Even if there are zero friends, it will be fine if you can work. Even if you can not make friends with the people in the company, as long as you work, there is no problem at all. Not to say that you should not make friends, even those who can not make friends well, you can make articles properly in the editorial department, which will create your own place. In a sense, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is supremacy. However, despite being skilled, there are many cases in general companies that can not receive legitimate evaluations because they can not build friendship relationship with anyone in the company and are isolated. Actually, while I am working at GIGAZINE I am watching a lot of other companies, but in most companies no matter how proficient it is, just because I am not able to build up human relationships well within the company It seems that there are many cases where you can get on well without it being evaluated, even if it is rather impossible to have human relations well done. "You do not have to have a lot of friends" means that even if human relationships can not be done well, if you have the skill, it will properly evaluate properly.

◆ If you write Japanese sentences correctly, you do not need to have communication skills

Q: What do you mean by "if you write Japanese sentences correctly"?
A: As it is. I will train at the editorial department how to create articles, but as I learned from the history of more than 10 years I have learned that "correctly write Japanese sentences" It is because I have learned that it is very difficult to teach. Most of the other things, such as photography, image processing, video editing, etc., can be taught in the editorial department after much of what is necessary for creating such articles. It is paradoxical, but it will also be trained by making articles. Clearly speaking, the person who made twenty articles has better skill for article creation than the one who made ten articles. However, only the ability to "correctly write Japanese sentences" can not be improved so easily, whether it is closely related to that person's thought form, idea, personality, or the like. So, when adopting "the ability to write Japanese sentences correctly" is of utmost importance.

◆ Once you get through the first wall

Q: What is "the first wall"?
A: As you build articles in the editorial department, the ability to create articles will be steadily increasing. The more you make articles, the better you become. However, the better you can do it, the harder you get it.

Q: What is painful?
A: As you acquire the know-how to create articles, the number of choices increases. As the skill goes up, I get lost: "This is where I should write or write like this". Or, if you complete an article that is huge, criticism will increase, criticism will increase, and unfounded slander will also be bathed. At the same time that it will be possible to anticipate that it will be done in this way, the worry that "Why has this gone, do not read anyone?" Will also increase. Before making articles, you just saw and just read and just read it, but it makes me feel like I'm watching the reverse side, that is, things from the "back" when it comes to making articles . But without a viewpoint as a "reader" and a view of "table", it is not a good article. Even so, there is no point in doing something worse to the reader, that is why it is totally overwhelmed. More go up if rises skills to create an article, "Is this going right?" "This is or not is wrong?" "Do not become better if there is more time?" "But over time It does not necessarily hit "I hit the" wall "like that. If you overcome this "first wall", then you will be able to move forward.

Q: How do I get over the "first wall"?
A: One way to work as efficiently as possible is to go home early and rest. The stairs are visible in front of my eyes, but it seems to be a "wall" because it gets too much overly overlooked and it is actually an "escalator". That's why "Let's go home soon". "Let's go home soon" "Suitable for people who like solitary work rather than group work" "There is no drinking party" "You can have fewer friends" "If you write even Japanese properly, All that I've said so far, which is what I have said so far, is that it is necessary for us to work long in the editorial department.

Q: It seems to be pretty tough and somehow becomes uneasy ...
A: In short, "Please go to a company that can not make full use of your capabilities" is essential for those who are surrounded because they have excellent abilities but have no other abilities , That means I want you to come to GIGAZINE. For example, it is supposed that new graduates are doing job hunting just at the present time, but it is self explanatory that every company emphasizes communication skills. Even if you do not say so clearly, everyone will understand that if you do job hunting actually, you will understand it as a real experience. "A company that emphasizes ability in the real sense is quite rare," he says. GIGAZINE becomes that "unusual" one. On the contrary, there is no ability, it is not suitable for those who say that it is good only to have such an answer, appearance, first impression, etc. in an interview.

Q: But in the end it is not decided by the impression of an oral examination of an interview?
A: It is wrong. GIGAZINE is the most important part that I could survive for more than 10 years, so I did not put it out so far on the table so far, but if I correctly write Japanese sentences, I do not care about communication skills " That is the answer. Because the job of the editorial department is not to communicate by oral answer, but to create articles to be read by the reader. It is the same as "There is no drinking party" because the articles read by the reader and the internal politics are irrelevant. As you can see from the flow so far, what you need is your ability as an editorial staff. For that reason it is necessary to take a rest when you should take a good rest and not a drinking party. It is the same as "I am suitable for people who like solitary work rather than group work," eventually making an article is nothing less than "stand alone". There is no guarantee that the article will be better as we all have a meeting. It is only to say that it is impossible to secure the time to make articles, first to create articles, then to improve the actual article from the viewpoint of the reader, it is impossible for the style of meeting just to make a normal recognition I will talk. And it is the same as "You can have fewer friends" because it is what I learned from the history accumulated in the editorial department of GIGAZINE for more than ten years. Making an article is a lonely task, rather it has withstood that loneliness, or it is straightforward, that kind of thing has been a track record. If you are silent alone, you may have been stupid from the vast majority of people as being "a dark fellow without friends." However, because it is rather such a person, making articles in the editorial department can shine. "Pen is stronger than the sword" is true in GIGAZINE editorial department.

Q: How can I apply for the editorial department?
A: Please send me your resume, job history, etc. who wrote you about the form below. It is the same as creating an article to be read by the reader. That's why, "If you write Japanese sentences correctly, communication skills are irrelevant". Please tell me about you as an article that wrote you.

GIGAZINE Editorial staff application form

Click here for detailed job information (location, recruitment number, deadline, etc.)

2017/07/02 18:29 Addendum
As many applicants came as a mountain and kept interviewing almost everyday, it turned out that it reached the maximum number of editorial staff that can be hired at present, so we decided to terminate the reception at the present time. I'm really thankful to you! Applications other than the editorial department are planned to start again.

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