"Anyway, let's go home soon" GIGAZINE started recruiting new graduates, already graduated, mid-career and full change jobs, so various Q & A summaries

I realized that GIGAZINE started recruitment and recruitment for almost all sectors. Q & A about what it is like is the following.

Table of contents
· The world can not demonstrate 100% ability as much as an excellent human being
· The biggest place to put all your strength
· Let's go home sooner
· For people who like solitary work rather than collective work
· You can have few friends

▼ The world can not demonstrate 100% ability as much as an excellent human being

Q: "Is not it possible to demonstrate 100% power in the world as much as an excellent human being", is that so?
A: In the world, the more excellent you are, the less you can demonstrate 100% ability. But, somewhere in your mind, there should be people who have thought that "If all the conditions are perfect, how much can you do?" GIGAZINE is optimized for such people. ThisPrevious Wanted ArticleBut I declared as follows.

Q: "It is quite a radical catchphrase to say" Please come in at a company that can not fully utilize your capabilities "What does it mean?
A: In short, it means "I will demonstrate your full potential." Even saying full demonstration does not mean working 24 hours a day without work. From 9 o'clock to 18 o'clock, excluding 1 hour break, I will work for 8 hours in total, work all the time exactly, all other times, improve my skills, like that and have a free time and live a life like a human being ,about it. In the case of GIGAZINE, weekdays worked only for 8 hours, as was said earlier, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are closed. Of course there are paid holidays, and you can also use half-holiday. In the case of a semi-holiday, for example, if you are absent in the morning, your departure will be at 13 o'clock, and if you break a 1 hour somewhere between 18 o'clock, you will be OK. On the contrary, if you want to take a break in the afternoon, you may come to work at 9 o'clock and do not take an hour's break but work hard until 13 o'clock and then go home and then put a 1 hour break It is ok to go back at 14 o'clock.

▼ The biggest place to put all your strength

Q: Even if I want to demonstrate 100% ability, I can not do it if the environment is bad, do not you?
A: GIGAZINE 's biggest blackout says, "I will give you everything you want, I will take all the responsibilities, money, people, facilities, materials, etc. Do not you want to know? Is there power? ... ".

Q: What can I do really?
A: So we are looking for this recruitment. Although rough, roughly the following three departments are the biggest places where all of their abilities are available.

· Revenue & system operation
· System development & operation
· Editing & e-book

▼ Let's go home soon

Q: In short, what does it mean "to be used"?
A: In order to prevent it from becoming so, it means "Let's go home as soon as possible". Even if you are in an environment where you can demonstrate your skill at 100%, you will be overly happy because you can fully utilize your abilities, and it tends to be like stepping on the accelerator pedal. But it is natural, but it is always necessary to take a break. Not only will you overdo it when you become full of your ability, but if you rush as it is, you can destroy your health. So, GIGAZINE surely does health examination and vaccination as well. Also, as soon as you lose your physical condition, work at home, or just rest as is OK.

▼ Collective work For people who like lonely work
Q: Even if I make full use of my abilities and produce results, after all, who is good at communicating is advantageous?
A: GIGAZINE is suitable for people who like solitary work rather than collective work. For example, in the case of editing, we have stated that "There is no drinking party" before.

Q: If it is an image of a general editorial department, I thought that something like "drinking nikki" is important, but in the case of GIGAZINE editorial department, it is quite different but it is quite clear that this is it Is it just a communication problem?
A: If we can work, it will be communication obstacle, but it does not matter. It may be a problem if it is a place where you attach importance to general society people, "drinking nice". If it says, "It is a matter of not being able to drink, it is probably a problem in the sense that it is the editorial department that allows society people with such problems. However, for readers reading GIGAZINE's articles, "articles" should be the best. It is a stance that there is no problem for the editorial department as long as the "articles" eventually created are eventually created, no matter what kind of person it is, if a good "article" can be written.

▼ I can have few friends, the real thing is important

Q: Needless to say, I still need a minimum amount of compatibility? Would not it be bad as a trainee?
A: There is no need for prejudice such as "as a society person." Previously I said "I can have fewer friends" as follows.

Q: But it is not a personality problem that there are no friends at all? Regardless of how much work you can do, because it is a company, it is an organization, and since organizations have more than one person, is not there a minimum human relationship needed among people inside the company?
A: Even if there are zero friends, it will be fine if you can work. Even if you can not make friends with the people in the company, as long as you work, there is no problem at all. Not to say that you should not make friends, even those who can not make friends well, you can make articles properly in the editorial department, which will create your own place. In a sense, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is supremacy. However, despite being skilled, there are many cases in general companies that can not receive legitimate evaluations because they can not build friendship relationship with anyone in the company and are isolated. Actually, while I am working at GIGAZINE I am watching a lot of other companies, but in most companies no matter how proficient it is, just because I am not able to build up human relationships well within the company It seems that there are many cases where you can get on well without it being evaluated, even if it is rather impossible to have human relations well done. "You do not have to have a lot of friends" means that even if human relationships can not be done well, if you have the skill, it will properly evaluate properly.

In short, if you say without fear of misunderstanding, "the real thing is important". In a situation like "You can not tell the truth because it is a friend", you will not be able to demonstrate 100% competence. GIGAZINE 's biggest blackout says, "I will give you everything you want. I will take all the responsibilities, money, people, facilities, materials, etc. Do not you want to know? How much power are you with Is there something ... ... "in short it means that you will spiritually produce" real power "without obscurity.

Q: How can I learn more about GIGAZINE rather than the entire recruitment policy?
A: I have specified the detailed recruitment information (work place, number of recruited people, deadline etc.) of each department below

· Revenue & system operation

· System development & operation

· Editing & e-book

Q: In the case of a new graduate, is it first from interns?
A: There are many things we have done in the past, so it is. In the case of internship hope, please select "Internship" at the time of entry. In the past case, I have accepted active high school students or college students.

Q: Do you have remote work?
A: Yes. It is OK from overseas, and we do not even mention nationality.

Q: How do I actually apply?
A: Please send us the necessary documents specified in the detailed recruitment information of each department, such as resume, job history, etc. that wrote you about the form below.

Click here for the link to GIGAZINE application form

"We are hoping for GIGAZINE that courageous first step of you!"

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