GIGAZINE's Job Surgery

I do not drink, I do not smoke, I never go out to play with someone on holiday. Even if I keep sticking to my computer all the time, I do not think it is painful. If you thought that you came outside unusually, buy snacks and drinks introduced in your articles ....

"It will take me more than a year to understand what stores are within 500 meters of the radius, thanks to the move."

"GIGAZINE" led by such a crazy person is a news site that watches the cutting edge of the net from the end. Softbank, livedoor and experienced enterprises, now drewhorse of GIGAZINE who became the representative director of one's company, Mr. Yamazaki who is the representative director of OSA Co., Ltd. approaches unusual work technique.
· Job skill is basically "not"

Mr. Yamazaki who operates the news site "GIGAZINE" (originally a web magazine) in April 2000. Currently, a blog search engineTechnorati rankingAlways on top of the 4 million blogs. What kind of work technique was developed in keeping updating GIGAZINE which is very abundant and wide in topic content?

"There is basically no job technique, I do not feel like having it."

The reason is that someone around me who was raising his blood flow so much did not seem to have any effect on his part. Moreover, it is because the application becomes ineffective and the view becomes narrow as the style is strengthened.

"It's normal to specialize, whether it is a news site, a knowledge or a hobby, the view that eliminates such expertise and can look over them all across the country is now Japanese I think that it is necessary for the genre.The idea is poverty with a completely amateur about a different genre, even if it is detailed in a certain genre.In addition, if you do not put in a habit of seeing things from a different aspect, It is good to change the style according to occasion.It has no correct answer.So it is probably best to try all kinds of work techniques rather than searching for the job technique that suits yourself I think that there is no but it is better. "

That style is also reflected in the news choice.

"What you know is something you do not know, and someone knows that you do not know, and not everyone knows because you know it. GIGAZINE Even if everyone knows, it is updated on the premise that there is surely a person who does not know, so for the people familiar with the information it is the contents of the past and why this topic is about this time Although there should be many things like ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

· What to forget immediately

Lost memories were ranked first in the class. Even if I write tomorrow's belongings in a contact book, I forget to see the contact book when I return home. As I was in high school I carried around my notebook and wrote everything so it made a few mistakes, but this time I lost the area to write. As I entered the university entrance I got used to using Mobile Gear 2, and the amount of information that can be recorded dramatically improved. Utilize it until the middle of the university and transfer completely to Let's Note in the second half. Now the laptop remembers everything instead.

"It's possible because you are always headed to a laptop computer.The cell phone is not used for anything other than phone.It will not go out even if a phone call comes in. For a long time I keep putting on the bag and the sound is erasing It is only because I do not notice it .... The cell phone is just calling from here.My embarrassing story, work mail and phone keeps going on for a while, so I can not concentrate and become mail fear So I kept receiving every minute that I received mail, I came again, I was almost on obsessive-compulsive disorder, but I decided that I could not do this, but it stopped Although I was struggling to forget it, I made a march towards forgetting, so it is not possible to get in touch with a phone, email, or messenger. I think that the minimum and the contact method are as good as possible.In other words, even if everything is temporary, everything will be forgotten completely.When I finish work I will forget everything for the time being.It is okay not to get stressed.So it is perfect There are quite a lot of things being separated from the net.It has no cell phone and laptops stay in the room and they are completely offline. "

· I can not make plans

Yamazaki speaks that only those who fill out the schedule books with a tremendous perfection and can not digest their schedule. On the contrary, it is noticeable that it is visible that the schedule is full. Therefore it is said that at least the schedule is to be ignored, except those that have been decided.

"When I go on a business trip I will buy a ticket to go but I will not buy a return ticket soon I think I should leave it soon ... Open the laptop computer and connect to the net with PHS and make an appointment from the site so it is impossible You can stay at somewhere and return home in the morning of the next day.It is impossible in a normal workplace as expected.It can do such an appropriate schedule management by himself as the president of his company It is probably because we always have troublesome hardships to everyone's employees, but I am only wiping the buttocks ... Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

· Eliminate everything as much as possible

I am experiencing changing jobs and moving, so I decide to reduce my personal belongings to the limit. He says he is trying not to make favorite things but to use anything. For example, if you do not use this pen, you should lose it as much as possible, and if you have the necessary tools, you can do something with ingenuity on the spot.

"This is from the experiences of computer hard disks and motherboards that have been completely destroyed just before the deadline in SoftBank, even though we can back up to the data one day ago because we are backing up, we have no familiar machine at hand From the lessons learned at that time, day-to-day backups are also important, but with their heads and arms that do not lose their backups even if they lose all their backups, we will allow work to resume immediately at that location then It is now important to think that it is important, so we can build your own environment in a short time even from basic normal windows. "

· Process at least one at a time on the day

Instead of procrastinating everything, we will process one at a time.

"It's about every errand rather than a job, but there is only one thing - anything to do a lot at a time will make it easier to fall out."

If only one is completed, we go one step forward for the time being, so we say that it will end someday.

"At the beginning of becoming the president of the company, in the end I tried doing this too, it ended up not going a step ahead for more than half a year .The mother who did not see it goes one by one a day, instead it is absolutely 1 We advised you that we should always process only one item at first, even if said such a thing at first there is a lot of things to say but what you are saying, I do not think that I do not understand Although it was I who did not understand, I am sorry, "

Everything came to a stalemate, both physical strength and physical strength reached their limits, and there was no choice but to process them one by one. However, he said that he began to move forward little by little.

"Because I plan to live to 100 years old for the time being, I can still do a lot more"

· Do not make places to put

Office environment updating GIGAZINEAlso pay attention to. Do not put anything on the floor. Putting it on puts things at the origin. I can not reach the far side once it is placed. Then the useful thing in the back falls to the same existence as garbage. Also do not pile up on the desk. It is because you can not take out what is underneath by stacking up. If you only have to put it on the desk, be sure to arrange it before you leave and keep it horizontal and vertical. Likewise, throw away anything that does not matter. Paperless is ideal, but it was impossible.

"I will throw it away, so I will throw it away if it is to be used later. I will throw it out anyway unless the reasons for using it are definite, and I will not make the opposite idea, things to throw away These are merely attentive and can not be perfect But it is quite different just because I am conscious. "

As a result, it is said that 2.5 tons of garbage has emerged from the company.

"A garbage collector was also surprised, it seems to be about the same amount as when we killed a house but if it's a company it's a lot of garbage will come out. If you clear it and clear it, the space will become wider so that the feeling of doing work changes as a trigger.I believe that good work is from a good environment.When I will increase GIGAZINE in the future 1 We are planning to widely recruit talented staff within a few years.The biggest feature is that regardless of age.The difference in experience from the turtle shell is the difference between experiences.I am young and inexperienced.So whom I am also familiar with the industry and have extensive experience but I would like to welcome some people who have to retire from retirement.Of course young people are also welcome.Express and energy I am motivated and highly adaptable, it is not necessary for me to be an experienced person, because all I need is self-help talent "

· Create a "temp" folder on the desktop and put it there anyway

I will make it a text file for the time being. And put it in the "temp" folder of the desktop with any downloaded files etc. The desktop is always clear. Periodically back up and move this entire folder periodically.

"Humans have basically organized the time to remember things in time series? That is a handmade version.The good part of the personal computer is where the dates automatically created and updated dates are attached to the file. Even if the built-in clock is correct, it will record the date and time exactly, and it is also easy to rearrange in the order of the date.When I forget the schedule or soon soon, I definitely wrote such a thing at that time that kind of thing Even if you forget it, you may open up that folder and see the file name for a while to quickly remember your memory.If you feel like trying to remember it rather than trying not to forget it "

Previously, there was only thing that I always wrote articles related to file classification in the net runner, all the files other than the temp folder were classified finely and sorted out.

"In real terms it's all-you-can-was-cloudy and sloppy, but if you use the software even if you use the software you will do it automatically afterwards.Write scripts etc. to make your little automated task more efficient as a lazy one It is said that it will be good, but it is the same reason as that, since there is no need for wiping or waxing in the inside of a personal computer, it is a lactin. "

· Schedule management is done by writing in the wall-mounted calendar

I thought about introducing groupware, but I stopped logging in a hassle. It is easier to write only the minimum schedule on the calendar. Pull out the line when it is over. It is surprisingly analog.

"Although this was introduced since this year, it is very simple, well-informed and easy to understand. Because the area to write is limited, it is a habit to only make titles that you can recognize quickly. To summarize in the title is a technology that is made possible by training.Therefore, how to summarize to the title well, how to summarize to the summary is like training for writing articles.And, GIGAZINE includes newly released food And drinks etc. news and reviews are frequently posted but that management is also done by a wall hanging calendar After seeing the calendar on the wall of the office after going to work in the morning, Well then, go get it, and it will be, thanks to the employees crying whenever they see this calendar. "

· To the ideal company

Both Livedoor and former Softbank, who had worked before, were not the ideal company.

"When I was in SOFTBANK, the company came to the company and opened a briefing session.When time comes, since the sales person comes to the call, listen to the conversation towards the conference room and show new products Although somehow about 10 people came for us for some reason somehow I just opened my laptop computer and took notes and everyone else was a pen and paper memo pad.It was in the editorial department of IT related magazine Even though there are only people, this was unexpected.Of course, complaints came from another editorial department later on. Why is he brought No Paso, I heard that he is playing during the briefing session. In fact I do not want to deny notes on paper but on the contrary it is denied This time, I want to move to the media whose main news on the net is the main, News site I thought that SOFTBANK itself is a very good company. "

Then, he jumped out of Softbank and at that time, he changed jobs to Livedoor who was riding the fat.

"While editing GIGAZINE at home, I saw an article saying that Livedoor wanted to recruit talented people in the press department on the site, and saw livedoor's employment related site, so the article on the news site reporters / editing recruitment I got into the eyes, applied by haste, received an interview, it was adopted, there was no hesitation or anxiety, eventually my grandfather died and I had to quit, but as an environment It was very good.It was surprised to tell people that I got acquainted with the work of the net runner to change to livedoor, it was surprised, is it now like livedoor! The current update style of GIGAZINE is the livedoor era The stance of management, etc. was cultivated in the Softbank era, and in the end both were not ideal companies It is the basis of the current company. "

What kind of thing is Yamazaki thinking about the ideal company?

"To tell the truth, it's a stress-free company, so we decided to do whatever we can do basically in the office of the company, whether it's online auction or net shopping, Whether writing to the bulletin board, chatting with messenger, or not playing anison or game soundtrack to BGM, we are not banning anything.In the other hand, multitasking people who can do the work while doing that kind of things I think that it is useless unless I am a single-tasking person who can not do that.In addition, I am afraid that as a company's ideal type, no good paradise can be thought of,ghost in the ShellIt comes out "Public Security Section 9Although it is a professional group like "HUNTER × HUNTERIt comes out "Ghost brigade"I think that an organization that does not collapse because of someone lacking, like spider, is the best."

· What will GIGAZINE be like in the future?

Currently, there are nearly ten employees, but about half of them will be in charge of GIGAZINE.

"We plan to make the work we have been doing and GIGAZINE itself, both of them work for our company, which is like a diversification of management, which will slow down business speed somewhat GIGAZINE itself is not in the black surplus.They are all disappearing due to the maintenance fee of the server etc. It is completely in the red.The business which is supported by the business completely unrelated to the net other than GIGAZINE It was prepared at the initial schedule that it would take 1 to 3 years to reach the current scale, but it seems that the times have changed, it has been accepted by many people rapidly It was.
And now, GIGAZINE is changing from a personal site to a style managed by a corporation. However, even if it says that there is a company in the back, it is almost unchanged now that the one person is supporting, and it is Oshimay if I collapse. When an individual who is updating collapses, it becomes an overwhelming, this is the definition of the personal news site I think. So, GIGAZINE is still a personal news site.
In the future it is my job to make GIGAZINE a "news site". Overseas there are many cases that famous blogs are commercialized as they are, but I have not heard much about examples of doing so far in Japan. As a result of this, we will adopt more diverse talent as mentioned above and will grow as a news site with a different brand than existing existing news websites. This will increase the number of interviews, reports, interviews, etc. that were impossible at the personal news site level so far, we plan to create more quality articles and return them to the readers. It's GIGAZINE with readers, so we will continue to realize a wider range of developments in the future. So it would be helpful if you could cooperate with any trivial matter such as useful information or story, or an interview request or job request. "

next time,"ITmedia Biz.ID I went to the editorial department"…stay tuned.

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