I went to a livedoor computer

That's why it became the basis for shaping most of the current GIGAZINE update styleLivedoor computerI went to the editorial department.

Looking at employees who go and go in the space for visitors before accepting live doors of the above photographs While waiting for the livedoor computer editing department while feeling like "he is still there," but, indeed, the atmosphere inside the company I did not change. I wonder if it has changed a bit more? I thought that ....
◆ Why is GIGAZINE interviewed

Roppongi Hills who did not say location. I used to use the space for visitors but now I am invited, what is something ....

GIGAZINE (abbreviated as G below):
Long time no see.

Computer editing department livedoor (hereinafter abbreviated as ldc):
Wow, it's been a long time. A bit fat?

It was fat with stress because it is also possible other than the editing and reporters so truly representative director ~.

AWESOME. That's hard work. I wonder what's going on, but what about GIGAZINE's business model? Advertisement? Article selling?

The article selling is not yet at a stage where it can be done, even if we can mass-produce articles constantly, the quality is not stable. Probably I think that it will take up to the year to improve and maintain quality.

Well, will it be an advertising model?

I am negotiating with various advertising artists around that. I think that advertising should also be part of the content of GIGAZINE. Because I think that GIGAZINE itself is to be branded to some extent and "GIGAZINE displays advertisements that are displayed is also interesting!" Is not it an advertisement that makes you read and show on magazines or television advertisements, but it is still interesting in some cases. But if it's a banner advertisement on the net, "Hey, see me this, is not it interesting?" That's why I'm trying to put advertisements that are just interesting, interesting, even just that content. It is quite difficult, but if you just add advertisements, it makes little sense.

surely. I'm having a hard time, please do your best.

Why am I interviewed in reverse? (Laugh)

◆ What's going on now

So, how about "livedoor computer" itself? Did you get a page view more than when I was there?

Because I was temporarily out of you, sometimes I fell down as well but now it is much higher than before. The production system of the article is in place, and there is atmosphere which is being completed with the feeling differentiated from other news websites. You will finally get the feeling that you've become a news site as originally conceived.

It was quite a long way to go.

Yeah. Livedoor itself is an Internet company as the biggest pillar, so I am mainly doing review articles of things from the position as a news site in it, strengthening the feature articles of the Internet service system as the next stage, I would like to strengthen the enterprise system next. In a sense, the news site is not a news paper but a magazine, so it is important whether you can read things that you can read firmly, that is, what you can read on magazine media faster and more fresh on the net. The livedoor news is in that direction. Then I want to put livedoor computer to further detailed information. I'd like to finish computer, business, security systems, each in quality over the past year.

It has been around for about a year since I ceased to exist. The policy has also changed. Was it even more like inside the company? At first I thought ....

When you were there, things close to the blueprint that was supposed at first were able to realize, although they did a considerable detour, it finally became possible to stand on the start line. This is influenced by the change in the internal structure.

In the past, the company itself was changed to the posture that it was like feeling like catching up with Yahoo and overtaking, that is, original, that is, providing a unique service.

It is the same with livedoor computer, how to publish in point of how you are satisfied with the reader while maintaining the amount to provide articles. Weekly journalism is such a thing, how to create articles on the weekly basis, how to develop the article as a user, how to develop as a project, thinking about such things, actually generate articles, content Where to make it as a first step from now on. In that way it is the first choice to crush the hole in the genre.

In short it means that you will be able to offer complete original content as news, right?

I wonder if that will happen. From around last month we have been able to periodically post review articles at weekly.

It began to come out suddenly, did not it?

It seems that it came to be able to constantly post articles and it came to the stage that we can read it fun every week ....

· Editing department
The editing department is prohibited from shooting, so the floor used for the meeting is instead.

· How many staffs are there in total
It is moving quite a bit fewer than imagined, much less than everyone expects. Although it is to a certain extent in total, we have a very small number of very involved. There are jobs that organize the site, work to write articles, work to create content, to go to the interview, and it is a bit difficult to break up with only the editing part. In short, it is like a minority plus alpha.

· Rough general schedule of the day
It is core flex. Working time in the daytime is decided, but because it is news, I work on shifting time other than that. It is quite common outside hours. Regular meetings are conducted on a weekly basis.

· How do you like lunch?
I was withdrawing from a mini convenience store that was previously in the company (Livedoor is on the 38th floor, there was a small convenience store on the same floor because it is troublesome to get down to the bottom and takes time). So, basically I can not eat lunch (lol) I was eating properly last month, but this month the situation worsens and I do not eat much. Once I started raising the quality of the article I could not eat it! I feel like I'm eating at an idle time in a shift like update. The time to spare is around 2:00 pm, but meetings and so on enter there, so ... you can not eat it after all. Every day we stay at our company this week (Abbreviation)

· Bragging the editorial department
Is it a trip I can go abroad? Livedoor's employee trip is overseas. I wonder if it was Saipan last year, that kind of feeling. Before that is Thailand. Well, I can not go to livedoor computer and other newsgroups! In the meantime I was working too! It is only for seeing!

· Episodes and legendary episodes that struggled with writing articles and coverage
Video news is live door, it was recorded in old days, now it is live. I am out in the corner in it, almost every day. Everything is raw. So I am doing something amazing like Skype relay. The editorial department itself of the news comes out not unusual. I am doing reviews of equipment, etc. It is extremely troublesome and hard, is not it ...? It is talked about inside the company as saying "It will last well" or "You can not do it elsewhere." It should have passed 50 times last month.

· The readers who are supposed to read such a reader
It is natural that we are seeking IT-related information, and it seems to me that it is a manufacturing industry, a programmer, sales, that is, an individual in the company. I think that people would be able to create the information they want. In the future I would like to reach women as well.

· Tips for browsing the site
Since the back numbers are organized, that is noticeable. Because it is properly separated. Also, since the search within the site properly searches for livedoor computers properly, it is also possible to search only such as reviews or only articles from digital cameras.

· I am running on such a system
It consists of multiple servers. It is made of economical configuration. I am using a data hotel as my own backbone. Although it is confidential for details, it can be adjusted according to the scale of the site. As a management policy, we try to operate efficiently with fewer servers. Livedoor itself is an engineer's company, so I'd like to make a solid one.

·Plan from now on
As the direction of No. 1, I would like to compare information, organize by genre, make it a site that can sympathize such parts. I would like to increase reading not only as news but also useful information for life. In the future, various kinds of information are increasing, but other news websites are not information that anyone knows. For example, if it's a review, that part is missing as to how it will be useful when actually used. The thing was done, I made a box, but not the news site that I do not know afterwards, but a box in which everything was properly in place. Information that makes it clear that each difference is different here. Still, I want to increase looser stories and more.

◆ And livedoor computer will continue ...

In terms of image, what is Internet news all along? After reviewing that, then what can we do with livedoor computers? ,When. Will continue to aim for a weekly magazine of IT information, it is fun to read, useful for daily living, want to provide services including services, that will be the point where we focus on that.

Unlike newspaper-like things, is that a weekly journalizing meaning that you can read it swiftly? GIGAZINE is also in that direction ....

Yeah. Just so. It is not information that disappears like a newspaper but information that can read back issues. In other words, as an intellectual property, let's make it as an archive. Let's provide valuable information to read properly later.

Certainly, the back number and it is indeed well organized.

Oh yeah, you looked pretty neat and organized so you look better? Genres also increased. I would like to continue as such a news site where I can work on making information that is suitable for that we can learn knowledge while repeatedly seeing and reading reviews of old articles and reviews in such parts.

next time,"I went to "AKIBA PC Hotline!" And "Window Forest" editorial department - GIGAZINE"…stay tuned.

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