I tried "Maru-chan Mashi miso melt thick sliced ​​pork belly boiled"

It was released on August 14 (Monday), and it was unusual "Mr. chan" that tomatoes were hidden in soup combined with pig bones, fish and shellfishes, and backfill in four kinds of miso of red, white, matching and beans I bought Mashima Miso melt thick sliced ​​pork belly!

That's why I will make it at once.
Harmony of four kinds of miso! Maru-chan Maru Miso Melt Thick Cutting Pork Soup(PDF file)

Contents is like this

Wait for a while after putting hot water. This is the type that puts nothing when putting in hot water.

Add soup and mix it

Completion with putting ingredients

I feel that the taste of ingredients and noodles is one step now, but the soup is excellent. Or this soup is set aside and it is likely to be converted to ordinary delicious pork soup or miso soup or boiled afterwards. This is a nice feeling. It was the best we made in various recent Miso ramen here.

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