ITmedia Biz.ID I went to the editorial department

A new genre of major IT-related news site "ITmedia" that the child who cries also silently starts to cry "ITmedia Biz.IDI went to the editorial department.

Recently I gained much attention by giving useful information to my work, but what kind of circumstances did this kind of news website differ somewhat differently? We came close to real circumstances that nobody knew, including circumstances around that.

In the first place it is very uncommon to respond to the interview itself from other news websites. That's why it is a precious interview in a sense. People who are interested in work of editing system are also must-see, and we are close to the real situation around that.
◆ Office environment that became clean as it can be misplaced

The former ITmedia was a famous Akasaka because there is a net runner editorial department, but I moved and moved to an international building in Chiyoda Ward now. As a person who knows the tragedy of the former ITmedia editorial department, I was surprised that the environment changed drastically and beautifully. I think that it is enormously creating an atmosphere like an IT company. Previously it was better or worse than the editorial department of a magazine ....

ITmedia Biz. ID Editorial Department (hereinafter abbreviated as Biz.ID):
Oh, recording of the interview is done with GIGAZINE laptop computer, you can certainly do with an external microphone, no. There was something I did, but when I listened to the recording later, there was a time when it was only the keyboard sound, I was impatient at that time.

GIGAZINE (abbreviated as G below):
Truly ITmedia Biz.ID Editorial department, I am paying attention to the style of the interview itself, it seems like a reporter.

No, no. (Looking around) Even so, it looks like a very venture. It is very different from before.

Previously it was about the same level as the Net Runner Editorial Department, was not it? It seems that it was the same feeling as other editorial departments of IT related magazines related to Softbank ....

As before, it was like that. I can now misunderstand this place of now. Especially@ ITThe furnishings are cool. There is a white board on one side, it is cool anyway in various places. Also, in fact it's the first time I work in a place where the partitions are running out. It is a feeling that DNA other than SOFTBANK came in.
However, the depth of the desk became somewhat narrower than before. So, I can not put a CRT monitor. Instead it turned into a liquid crystal monitor and became modern. This is pretty fresh.
By the way, GIGAZINE also said in a previous article,Wonderful office picture of the first daysI was up, is that true?

It is true (laugh) What kind of joke is it that you broke through the threshold of the imagination of the reader, is this a collage? Although it was said, it is real. Unfortunately not limited to the IT system, the editorial department of the news site of a major online media system is such a terrible venture-like and neatly clean spot. There are many cases to see it as a picture (bitter smile)

◆ I want to be a media that will affect society

What kind of direction do you aim for ITmedia as a whole or Biz.ID editorial department itself?

Considering as a theory of the media, I am glad that the page view grows, so I would like to make it an article that many people can read. Since the growth of the view is not bad after the establishment, I still want social influence. The story that I heard somewhere before, the Internet is the culture of leisure people, leisure people are exciting, people working are busy so they can not see. So, as a news site, I want you to read such busy people. That's the position ITmedia Biz.ID.

GIGAZINE certainly feels like that people are reading a lot. I also wrote it at the time of the previous load disturbance, but there are quite a lot of access from 12 o'clock in the day to 13 o'clock just past a bit. There are quite a lot of access from companies even by domain. Although I am working, I feel that I am seeking something that is somewhat novelty information, information that will be beneficial, or what will become a story of the story.

Actually ITmedia until now was part of the business person who worked hard and was missing. Today, the genre covered in ITmedia Biz.ID targets the disappointing layer. For example, when trying to explain how to use various office-related software of Microsoft, it is not quite possible to say that it is actually difficult to say that it is based on ITmedia's classification so far. This is it! There is no part that fits perfectly. In this way it will be a bit bad, we have launched ITmedia Biz.ID to fill the so-called "gap" of ITmedia so far.
Also,Hatena BookmarkPlacing the buttons, we have included a variety of experimental elements as well. This is because there is an intention to want people of a different level to read by incorporating such elements. I want you to be read by various people.

To cultivate a genre that I have never done is exactly the path of bronze. There is no way in front of us, we receive the feeling that we can do the road after we passed.

◆ Management structure of ITmedia Biz.ID

· Editing department

· How many staffs are there in total
Breakdown is not disclosed. Basically the reporter is a registered article so please count it. This is often misunderstood, but not so many. The so-called "editorial department" image that appears in TV programs, etc. is modeled on a large-scale thing such as a newspaper, so there are many people, but in reality there are so many editorial staff I think that it is almost an IT news site.

· Rough general schedule of the day
[ITmedia Biz.ID busy day of editor in chief]
10 o'clock - Stationery maker's coverage @ Tokyo
11 o'clock ~ Meeting with movie education contents provider company
13 o'clock ~ Meeting with finance content company
15 o'clock - Web 2.0 company interview
17 o'clock ~ Employment interview
19 o'clock ~ Employment interview
23 o'clock from home

【ITmedia Biz.ID normal day of editorial staff】
Posting articles at home from 10 o'clock
From 11 o'clock to work. Check email
3 minutes Proofreading and posting work of LifeHacking and various series serials
13 o'clock - From coverage (Master's job technique, also going to press announcement)
A late lunch after 15 o'clock. Recently I am addicted to spicy cup noodles (because I am reading GIGAZINE's "food" genre)
Posted at 16 o'clock. I would like to prepare the next day if possible (bitter smile)
23 o'clock from home

Basically, Biz.ID editorial department is flex for attendance, and if you do not have a meeting you are not required to go to the office. Work can be done from home, communication of staff at the editorial department,
· Instant Messenger (MSN + α)
· Mailing list
· Groupware (Ariel)
We are doing it.

· How do you like lunch?
70% eating out, 20% not eating, convenience box lunch 10%
(A typical luncheon for an editorial staff is a convenience store lunch 40%, cup ramen 40%, eating out about 20%)
Because time is always different, it changes from time to time. Editor-in chief is busy with meetings and not to eat or eat in many cases. It is very sorry.

· Bragging the editorial department
It is the only website which specializes LifeHack, GTD. We will introduce the latest goods and services appearing one after another in haste, how to utilize digital goods and services for work.

Features of the company itself are as follows.
· There is an entrance to the Yurakucho Line from the first floor of the basement so you can go to the office without getting wet with rain. I can not get wet with rain to go to Bic camera. All are connected in the basement.
· Because it can move all in the basement, it is also apt to forget the umbrella. I forget many times.
· Massage chair is put for some reason (Omron made)

· Most of the conference rooms have whiteboards equipped with walls

· The meeting room is named after the direction of the twelve zodiac (child, tiger, etc.). However, I think that figures are easier to understand ....

The concept of the Zodiac is 'SPEED'. It is "SPEED" → "Hour" → "Zodiac". "Zodiac" indicating "time" from ancient times such as year, month, day, time, etc. was multiplied with elements such as direction and deployed on the office.

· Also, because the enterprise subject to coverage is on the third floor of the same building. In the target enterprise, it was said that there was a strike of "to elove my language in elevators!" Or not.

· Episodes and legendary episodes that struggled with writing articles and coverage
When we told stories about things that can not be included in the article. Moreover, when it spends most of the coverage time with it.

· The readers who are supposed to read such a reader
I am doing a work method, so much! ITmedia Biz.ID will provide you with further hints for devising work methods. Aiming at business people who normally use the Internet and personal computers, those who are on this side of the divide. When it comes to news websites, it is more likely that they are opposed to "upper people", but there are others. For example, some people in their late twenties have changed jobs and are trying hard from now. I would like to show that people like that work hard. After all, I would like to aim at the reader who is at the forefront, but those people tend to take information on my own. So, I still can not get it by myself, but I would like people who are interested in aiming at that top to read. I'd like to make a suggestion that I can do this.

· Tips for browsing the site
When you open an article, buttons such as "TrackBack", "Write on Blog", "Hatena Bookmark" are arranged under the title. With these, you can read not only the articles but also easily send the information after reading.

· I am running on such a system
Unfortunately the configuration of the server OS and the number of units is undisclosed. However, ITmedia should never have fallen since it began moving. It works on such a system.

·Plan from now on
As content, we will continue to enhance content such as how to use Web services / commentary, stationery, printers, scanners and so on. I think that stationery has changed but people who stick to it are sticking. In a sense, stationery is because it is a long tail item. In addition, we will break the common sense of web media so far including cooperation with services of other companies. I think that it is better to cooperate with things that have already been developed to some extent by services of other companies rather than developing oneself. Also, if there is a request for Biz.ID, I will realize it as much as possible, so I would like to hesitate to contact you.

◆ The essence of the news site is "vending machines with people inside"

But looking at this way, I can really say the whole news site, but it's really hard work. Probably beyond the imagination of the general public.

Among publishing systems, IT magazines are said to be slanty so it seems like a lack of prospects, but there are still many easier aspects than news sites in terms of the tightness of work. If anyone is longing for editing for the time being, I think that it would be better to first experience the editing of magazines. Because it has a rhythm, such as calendar centered on the issue date, news gathering, planning like a monthly flow. I will rest when I can rest.

Basic and IT news websites keep updating everyday, so there is no time to rest, the stocks you've been getting lost steadily, and even if you are busy, there are a lot of coverage and so much trouble ... ... I'm about to cry (bitter smile) because it is told in the middle of a busy that "I'm going to go and go to the next," to the editor-in-chief like demon or devil

I will tell you if there are people who want to do work of such editing system, but it is a job type that I can not recommend with confidence .... I will die when I come! In the same way, the family will collapse at the same time! When.

Work is certainly hard, but it is worth rewarding online media that is growing fast. GIGAZINE think so, but seeing that page views are increasing every day seems to watch my child's growth and is fun. As we plan to make new media next year, people wanting to struggle together, wanted! Where is it?

Even though I say my child, that point is tough because I have to keep looking after all the time, unlike real children ....

It certainly feels like it will not end ....

From an ordinary reader's point of view, there is an image like a news site editorial department that has infinite human resources and abundant funds, but in reality it looks like "it's a vending machine, It is a feeling that you really have a person in it.

It is exactly like that. It is hard to make one article.

Is there anything else?

Well ... Well, how do you know that GIGAZINE's new interview article tells you to do something like this from the reader, how about this stuff? Or, please let me know in ITmedia Biz.ID editorial department. Because I am going to interview! It responds to GIGAZINE's interview so we will respond flexibly!

That's why I sent you from ITmedia Biz.ID Editorial Department going through the path of Ibarara ~.

next time,"I went to the computer livedoor"…stay tuned.

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