Temporary staffing association says, "Dispatch is not the root cause of a disparate society"

Japan Temporary Staffing AssociationIt is said that dispatch is a working poor and it is a mistake that it is a primary cause of a disparate society, it seems to be a misunderstanding.

The root of the disparity is "Wage disparityAlthough it is, considering that little about it, I will postpone it, I think firstly that the temporary staffing company is profitable, and as a result of what I have done so far right now there is a headwind Nevertheless, it seems that it does not seriously consider returning to dispatched workers who still support the dispatch industry, and I do not think that I read a series of sentences "Is it seriously saying that?"Afterwards, I only feel anger afterwards. Is not too much consciousness in the temporary staffing industry too low?

The contents of the shock which can see a glimpse of what kind of consciousness the staffing industry side has about the disparity problem is as follows.
Special Feature | Japan Talent Dispatch Association "Dispatch is not the main cause of disparate society"

The objection to the opinion that regular employment such as regular employee should increase if temporary work disappears is first developed.

First, concerning (1), if there is no "dispatch", it is not so if common usage increases.

Recently, as scenes utilizing dispatch are stepping up from the non-core business as the enterprises use the dispatch, as the business around the core is expanding, it is also possible that some of them did so.

However, it is said that "temporary substitution is prevented" in the first place for dispatch, and various measures are taken on the system. And as we shall see next, the proportion of temporary occupation in so-called non-regulars is quite small. From these, even if there was no dispatch, it seems that only part, part-time job, contract workers, etc. were increasing

"Even in the absence of dispatch, only parts, part-time jobs, contract workers, etc. were increasing"The way to go with the conclusion is obviously logistically strange. Likewise, the number of regular employees should also increase, ignoring that with haste. I am surprised that we do not think about the possibility of increasing regular employment. And as a reason for that, it is misunderstood that "It is believed that dispatching occupies the majority of irregular workers", the following sentences continue.

Next, for (2), the number of dispatched workers is 1.4 million as shown below, compared with 11 million part-time employees and 3 million contract employees.
It accounts for only 8% of the so-called "non-regular" (although this word itself is not considered a proper expression) "but only 8% and 2% by the employer as a whole. However, due to deregulation etc., it expanded quickly and attracted attention, so it seems that the image like a symbol of a disparate society was formed.

Indeed it's a magic figure that claims to be no problem because it's only a small part of the whole. However, looking at the "Results of Labor Force Survey Detailed Results" of the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which is presented as a document of evidence at this time, it turns out that dispatched labor is still a huge problem.

Number of temporary workers in 2002:420,000 people

Number of temporary workers in 2006:1.43 million

It has increased by 240.5%. That is, about 3.4 times. On the other hand, regular employees have declined by minus 0.1% from 2002 to 2006. In addition, there is no such thing as whether part and part-time work are increasing at the same rate as the dispatch, and from 2002 to 2006, the growth rate is only 1.5%. Let's sort out the growth rate between 2002 and 2006 clearly.

Full-time employee: 0.1% reduction
Part-time work: 1.5% increase
Temporary workers: 240.5% increase
Contract employees · Temporary staff: 18.9% increase

The growth rate is abnormal regardless of how it looks. It is caused by the strengthening of social demands requiring dispatched labor but it is not self-aware of the responsibility of the dispatch industry themselves who developed just the mechanism to exploit without preparing the mechanism to support it, At the end of the phrase it is too irresponsible to say that the disparity is not related to the disparity because the dispatch rate is small in the whole.

And the wage gap which is the biggest cause of the disparity problem. The difference between money and salary is both the root cause and the result of all the disparities, but it says as follows.

As for (3), as will be described later, the motivation for temporary workers to work is diverse and the wages are also diverse. Nonetheless, the difference is emphasized in order to simply compare these with regular workers whose working styles are almost constant.
In consideration of institutional differences such as differences in responsibility range and bonuses, the wages of dispatched workers who work in the same way as regular workers are too large to be said in terms of directly working It seems that there is no difference.

It seems that there was no document to reinforce the above opinion in this regard as expected, and it is simply selfish speculation that is not simply based on the evidence. But this quote above, how to read "Even if you are doing the same jobs, do not complain because it is natural that there is a difference in salary between regular employees and temporary staffInterpretation other than the meaning is impossible ... .... Rather, filling in the wage gap around this is the responsibility that is required of the dispatch industry now, and despite being self-purifying, he says, "It is natural that there is a difference, what is it?" This attitude of just being felt too self-centered ... ....

Furthermore, as "role played by dispatching", "Unemployment preventionIt is stated that it is.

Also, some employees work temporarily as a "connection until a job place is found as a permanent employee", and temporary agencies provide opportunities for employment to these people.
Furthermore, due to institutionalized dispatch of introductory workers, opportunities for stable employment of dispatched workers desiring regular employment are increasing.

Briefly, referral planning dispatching means that if a company dispatched is thinking that this dispatched worker is excellent, it can be employed directly. Indeed, it is a really wonderful system, but how much do you account for the overall proportion? It is self explanatory that all dispatched workers can not become full-time employees by this "introduction scheduled dispatch". Temporary agency companies' selling is human resources and there is no reason to let go of that sale so easily. For the sake of clarity, temporary workers for temporary staffing agencies are "cormorants of cormorants". It is a problem that forever "stretch until becoming a full-time employee" will continue for a long time due to dispatched work, and the way to become a full-time employee will be closed out because of age. Regarding the responsibility of the dispatch industry that did not develop the ability to reduce time, opportunity and money to receive education to become a regular employee, but to keep it in a state of "not alive without killing" and brought it to the same state as the owner Are you thinking? I answer about this point as follows.

It is pointed out that in general, temporary workers have less opportunities for capacity development than regular employees. Each agency company is making efforts to improve skills and form a career, from fundamental to professional ones of business etiquette and personal computer Excel / Ward.
From the point of view of the workers, by experiencing many workplaces as dispatched workers, or by choosing a job that allows them to acquire the skills they want to learn, it is possible to acquire precise skills at an early stage , Employability (job availability) can be enhanced.

In other words, I would like to say that I am nurturing and supporting people who want to hire them as full-time employees, not disposable personnel, but skill will not grow even if I experience many workplaces, and skills I want to acquire It is no longer common sense that temporary work will not be introduced if only workplaces that can be learned are selected. Although we can not understand even if we consciously think to say "It is possible to increase employment possibility" while keeping track of such a state where the Happo-oka is completely closed.

If there is confidence in self-theory so far, let's tell the same lines to the working poor of the net cafe refugees and dispatched workers who are not cranes or stocks, and then ask the impressions directly.

By the way, I also claim the same as Kore in November 2006.

About dispatched work and disparate society

In the first place, the disparity should be a comparison between categories of the same kind, but we compare things of heterogeneous categories on the same scale of wages, not simple matters to compare.
In addition, if there is no disparate company there is no disparity, there is never such a thing, rather the temporary company contributes to the stability of employment and the stability of society by supplying work to workers with motivation to work There.

There is no meaning of comparison unless you compare them on the same scale .... Also, even if you look at the current situation of social problems, the temporary work is still "It contributes to stability of employment, stability of societyIs it possible to assert that it is? It is certain that big companies and others "contribute to stability of earnings, stability of the company".

The summary also wrote something great. It is a tone as if the gap is necessary, what is wrong is opened up.

The disparity is a product of a competitive society, there was no development of society without competition. Japan needs to continue to maintain and secure international competitiveness as globalization progresses. For that purpose, a certain degree of disparity according to efforts will be accepted. Since it is a fact that the motivation of individuals will be lost if disparities are totally lost and the development of society can not be expected, "It is said that Japan is a society with a small disparity compared with other countries" In particular, where is the global standard, what climate is aimed at by Japan, clarifying the level of individual aim, stabilizing the employment of individuals, "disparity" which makes maximum use of motivation of workers is the difference to what extent It is also important to devote ourselves to discussing what it is.

It is true that it is true, so should we try to "shorten" the gap. There is no concrete plan in the above sentences. The following papers have already been issued in 2000 as a concrete proposal to really do.

Wage differential expansion brings economic revitalization: JRR | Japan Research Institute: think tank

It is possible to point out that the expansion trend of income inequality seen in Japan has a strong negative influence on economic revitalization. However, it is short-circuiting to deny all the widening of inequality, and while correcting the disparities without economic rationality, the attitude that it is necessary to prepare conditions for securing "disparities as incentives" is necessary It can be said. Specifically, in addition to correcting wage disparities among regular employees, non-regular employees and corporate sizes, which are obstacles to the IT revolution and fostering of new industries, we will work to "strengthen human resources development" as a condition for success and achievement- (Managerial condition) and "establishment of mechanism not to fix disparity" (macro condition)

Instead, the Japan Talent Dispatch Association is doing this kind of effort.

Haken-working 2007

People who are making happy lives using temporary staffing, such as being able to realize such a thing as dispatching, which is working well in harmony between work and living, using dispatching as such a way of working If it is genre and contents are not questioned. Please teach me your temporary life.

If you are recruiting opinionsReverseI guess. There are dissatisfaction and anxiety here in the way of dispatching work, the circumstances that work and life became incompatible, the fear of spiral which can not realize what you want to realize, the reason why disparity is fixed, etc. Current dispatch We should widely recruit and listen to the various problems that our company has.

We call it "I am living a happy life making use of dispatchWanting to recruit an example, regardless of what you thought, "Please watch! Dispatch is not the cause of disparity! See, there is an example that you are happy with temporary staffing!" As an example collection to assert and received It should not complain even if it is done. Doing this kind of action in this period of time itself is a very low level of awareness of the problem of inequality and just exposes that we are not fully aware of it under the white day. Do not you think how the people of temporary workers who are the main parties feel, by seeing that figure that is running only to protect itself?

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