A broken syringe needle stuck in the buttocks for 31 years, taken out by doing something after being found by surgery

He seems to have succeeded in locating and extracting a needle from a person who has been breaking in China and having a needle of a syringe broken for 31 years while remaining in the buttocks. It seems that the needle of the butt ended giving a pain which was difficult to walk, it finally became possible to live a safe life without being afraid of suffering.

Details are as below.
Ananova - Needle removed from bum - after 31 years

Lao Du, a 55-year-old living in Zhengzhou, China, had a needle remaining in the buttocks since 1978 due to treatment by the doctor. "I felt chilly and I went to see a doctor in my hometown village, but my needle broke when I injected into my hips.I got hospitalized for 9 days as soon as I was taken to another hospital, but the broken needle I could not find it anymore, "Lao said.

Although he could not be found in the hospital, Lao who thought that the needle still remained, I began to feel a severe pain in the buttocks 4 to 5 years ago. The pain is painful to walk, and Mr. Lao visited many hospitals, but no one believed that 31-year-old injection needle was still left, and the situation that surgery was not continued. However, Mr. Lao finally went to Zhengzhou's hospital only once more and asked for surgery, the doctor at the hospital said that he would take over.

And, as a result of Fu Konglong's doctor 's doctor' s surgery for 3 hours, the injection needle was found somehow. "We needed very delicate work, and we had to investigate each muscle fiber," Fu said.

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