Warriors can not find enough to gather in the world record

A picture book known for wearing clothes containing red and white border lines, hats, jeans, round glasses, etc. "Search Wally!"It's said that 1052 people gathered and the Guyness record became it.

There are innumerable warriors from the female Wally to the tremendously good Warriors in the hall, and it is unlimited.

Details are as below.
Largest gathering of people dressed as Wally / Waldo achieved by Rutgers University - Guinness World Records Blog post

Where's Waldo? In New Jersey - Gothamist: New York City News, Food, Arts & Events

An event to collect and record the Wally which was sponsored by Rudgers University of New Jersey was held at the New Brunswick Historic State Theater. The total number of warriors gathered was 1052 people. The gathered people brought a book or 5 dollars to donate to children as participation fee.

Wallisies filling the venue.

Some of them are fakes such as bearded woolies.

Record updated over 577 of previous records made by insurance company 's employees.

From the movie, you will be caught in the enthusiasm for the venue.
YouTube - Guinness World Record: Wheres Waldo?!?

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