Discovery of fir tree from lung of patient complaining of chest pain

A man who complained of severe pain in the chest, a man who bleeds blood was brought to the hospital and received an examination, it turned out that it was found that a fir tree was pierced in the lung. The doctor in charge of operation also suspected his eyes, especially in the unusual situation that men are wandering from life and death by branches stung into the lungs without any noticeable trauma.

Let's see why the fir tree was stuck in the lung, and whether the man survived safely.

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5 cm. Fir tree removed from patient's lung /

Located in central Russian FederationRepublic of UdmurtThe capital ofIzhevskA man named Artyom Sidorkin (28 years old) suffered severe pain in his chest and suffered hemorrhage, it appealed to the hospital. I took a radiograph at the hospital and found a mysterious protrusion on my chest and suspected cancerBiological tissue diagnosisIt was said that it was decided to do.

As a result of biological tissue diagnosis, it was found out that a branch of fir of 5 cm in the lung was stuck in the lungs. It is said that the branch of the firth penetrated the capillary of the lung, which caused the blood to vomit. Vladimir Kamashev who actually performed the biological tissue diagnosis suspected his own eyes and said that he blinked many times.

Succeeded to remove the fir branch safely after the operation. It seems to have been thought that it inhaled a small sprout of fir and caused growth in the lung as a cause. The removed fir branches are preserved for research.

You can see pictures of the lungs with fir branches sticking from below. Because it is a shocking picture, when you view it is your own responsibility.

5 cm. Fir tree removed from patient's lung /

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