A woman whose bullet was left in his face for 42 years

It seems that a woman whose bullet has remained in his face for 42 years has succeeded after taking surgery. If bullets are left in the face, I think that I will take out some sort of physical abnormality and then remove it sooner or later, why did the woman leave it for 42 years?

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Doctors remove bullet from woman's face that lodged there 42 YEARS ago | Mail Online

It was thought that the bullet bulleted was shot in 1967 and it was happening in China at that timeCultural RevolutionIt seems to have been thought that it was hit in the war of.

To my surprise, she did not realize that the woman was hit by eleven years and he first learned that bullets were left on his face only when he was consulted at a hospital because of a sustained headache in 1978 about. Although it would have been good to remove the bullet immediately, it is difficult to extract in a local hospital where medical equipment is not available and there is no special medical doctor, and for economic reasons it has withstood headache for nearly 30 years thereafter It is said that.

This is a roentgen photograph of a woman 's face.

The shape of the bullet is clearly reflected.

However, since the pain appeared not only in the head but in the whole body this month, I decided to take out bullets in urban hospitals. It seems that the removal surgery is successful and the women are recovering smoothly.

This bullet bulged out.

Women after removal surgery.

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