A man who pulled out 13 teeth by himself without going to the dentist

Because he could not go to the dentist, he was a former soldier in England who had his teeth pulled out with pliers. Although there was a severe pain, it seems impossible to pull out a number of nerves tightened without anesthesia by the same spiritual condition, but what on earth was it?

Details are as below.
Man pulls out 13 of his own teeth with pliers 'because he could not find an NHS dentist' | Mail Online

In the UK there is a free medical treatment hospital called NHS and a private medical institution that requires expensive treatment expenses, but Ian Boynton, a 42-year-old veterans of the Iraq war veteran, Because I could not afford to go to the institution, I was looking for NHS hospital. However, as NHS hospitals have tremendous amounts of people waiting for treatment, Ian seems to have been unable to receive treatment even if visiting more than 30 dentists for 8 years. Ian, a military doctor who got his teeth examined in 2003, decided to go through the army due to worsening of his back scar and to look for a dentist again.

In 2006, Ian, who has suffered pain in the front teeth and finally can not put up with the pain, seems to have pulled out his teeth using pliers. "Everyone did not feel as pain as I thought", Mr. Ian pulled out a total of 13 teeth, including molars, incisors, cuspids, etc., for 2 years.

Ian with a pulled teeth.

Ian also said that he found a dentist who will accept medical treatment now. "I was desperately searching for a dentist even after the pain ceased, as I could not get caught and I needed dentures," Ian said, "I could not make dentures by myself" That's right.

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