Grandma who pulled out herself because he was refused by a dentist

76-year-old Elizabeth Green contacted the dentist because he was hit by heavy tooth pain, but he seems to have been refused acceptance at 12 dental clinics. Too much pain was too strong, eventually Mr. Green had to remove the front teeth by himself.

I think that there are many people who are afraid of dentists, but it seems more scary to treat themselves.

Details are as below.DIY dentist grandmother pulls out own teeth - Telegraph

Mr. Green was unable to accept because he was an NHS dental clinic whose medical expenses were cheap because of insurance. This NHS is a medical system that British citizens forcibly join from the age of 16, and the medical fee is basically all free for taxes by tax. However, it seems that there are too many people so that treatment can not be received immediately.

Green, who contacted about 12 dental clinics, did not accept any new NHS patients anywhere, twisted their teeth on a certain night that I could not put up with the pain, and pulled it myself.

Green, who has five children and eleven grandchildren, said he was announced that "I spent all my life in labor and paid my tax, but I could not get help" .

A question asked the dentist in one study, and it seems that about half of respondents said that they did not accept new NHS patients anymore, and 6% said that they treated themselves without finding a dentist.

It seems to be difficult to treat teeth in the UK.

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